Wednesday, 12 May 2010

fakes ...

I occasionally visit the CollarMe.Com site. I'm not sure why as I've mostly found it to be a complete waste of time but it can become strangely addictive. It is notorious for having lots of scams on it and also as being a bit of a "meat market". I know of some who have been hurt by people met there but of others who made real friendships. I have made one or two friends through it in the past.

At the weekend I had far too much time on my hands and found myself responding to profiles. I exchanged a few messages with one sub who was far too young and beautiful to really be interested in me.

Finally I received the following message:
"Hiya. Its a fake profile to attract idiots and scammers. Doing it for a giggle an getting loads of 'KNEEL BITCH U R MINE!!!' messages... You sound sensible so sorry, please ignore the profile X I have been active in the scene for nine years, know the ropes in and out and am a pro domme. Take care.X"

C'est la vie I suppose!

I wonder what experience readers have had of this and similar contact sites?


Anonymous said...

How rude! I hate when that happens. Yes, I found collarme was full of trolls. But sometimes its fun if you're looking to pass the time. Occasionally I've heard a "diamond in the rough" stories from collarme. Glad you're back :)


Anonymous said...

I discovered CM back in the summer of 08. I never seem to be able to stay on it for long because I get over loaded with people wanting to play and hate all the fake players or wanna-be's. Most are married submissive men in real life wanting and desiring to control a woman while others have been living in their mother's basements hoping a smart sub with a good job will come along and take them in.... That's my experience. Yet, I find myself going back for more when I get bored. Go figure?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, I'm actually a teen aged, blonde, bi-sexual, submissive pretending to be a dom.

and 德慈美玉, I think you misspelled "近" :)
I ran this comment through google translator and I think it says, "Don't be discouraged at the start, things are not always easy to see completely", but anyone who actually knows is free to help me out.

Welcome back, Pygar.

~Tristan (?)

---<--@ said...

yes yes yes it is a fake market I have an account there and found the same experience. I was there mostly as a blogger till i got tired of the hey bitch on your knees. At least you read profiles mine clearly states I am owned and yet have so many people open with "I loved your profile are you collared." An the scams are real.

Pygar said...

Thank you all -0 and especially LOL at Tristan!

A little while ago I had a beautiful young woman from Nigeria keep contacting me. She has fallen madly in love with me and given me her submission after only one message. Could this be for real ... ?


P xx

Goddess Deanna Storm said...

Wow, such folks make a bad name for us pro-dommes. Have you guys checked out Fetlife instead? Its much more community oriented than CollarMe, less of a meat market, and a larger percent of kinksters there have real life D/s experience, and intend to have more! Hope to see you around.

Kinky regards,
Goddess Deanna

Pygar said...

Thank you Deanna - or should I say "Goddess"!?

I too - and some of my sub friends - have found Fetlife more friendly than the other contact sites. Though one online friend also had difficulties there.

If any of my readers have Fetlife profiles and want to contact me there I have a profile as "Beau".


Unknown said...

CM was the second site I regged myself on. The first one being shite! When you -atleast as a sub- first register on CM you get inundated wit messages, and yes, some of these were the "get on your knees bitch!" which i quickly replied with a "yeah right, fuck off" or similar ;) I may be a sub, but not their sub. Nor am I anyone's bitch. But I will not complain, because I found my Master there, within 3 days no less! Well, rather He found me actually...
I too have a Fetlife account, it's athe same nick as here if anyone is interested :)