Thursday, 17 April 2014

online friends

In the previous post commenters explained how the internet had influenced their lives in relation to D/s and BDSM and also pointed out possible pitfalls.

There are some for whom the internet provides most if not all of their activity in this. It can be through blogging and social networking sites though there are many who have developed relationships that are wholly or mainly online.

Some yeas ago when I was more active in visiting other blogs and writing more fantasy on Beau's blog and on Dragonfly Geisha I developed a number of online friendships some of which developed over time into online relationships. These relationships can become very intense. There is something quite powerful in communicating mostly through the written word. While a couple of these developed into real time relationships it was the online aspect that established the relationship and in some ways was even more powerful.

I have met new friends through social networking sites such as the now defunct Informed Consent, the rightly maligned CollarMe and the popular Fetlife. In fact I met my own sub Inès through Informed Consent. I still have a profile on Fetlife though I visit rarely. If you follow this blog and are on Fetlife feel free to introduce yourself and send a friendship request there (

Are there readers who have found online can be very intense, have ongoing online relationships or have met their perfect D/s match through the internet?


lilwetrose said...

I don't have any online friends or acquaintances. At least not actively. In fact, this is sort of a coming out, as i haven't been active in any community, online or off, other than as a lurker. The internet did enlighten me originally to my wants, needs and tendencies and i did go looking there on multiple occasions, for what i wasn't exactly sure. But it was a stumble into someone in everyday life that led to my submission.
I've been following a number of blogs, tumblrs and other sites for awhile now. And have been actively keeping my own blog, but i've stayed hidden for too long now. So i hope its alright i choose this to jump in.

Pygar said...

Yes - jump straight in a lilwetrose. There that wasn't so bad was it?


Do join in - it is more fun that way. Welcome and good luck.

P xx

Pygar said...

Thank you knottylilmonkey for the friendship request on Fetlife. Readers may be interested in the piece you write on your profile about online relationships. It is very well explained.

- P xx

Pygar said...

Thank you Lilwetrose for the friendship request on Fetlife. It was good to find the link to your blog there.