Saturday, 5 August 2017

lingerie, sensuality and fetish...

Decadent lingerie from Berlin for the fuller figure...

I'm afraid this post starts as something of a promotion. I once before advertised an online book on spanking by an online contact that I thought was good but I think that is the only previous time I have done this.

I have a friend in Berlin who is setting up a lingerie business for the fuller figure.

" Inspired by Berlin's hedonistic, pleasure-seeking underground, Pique Lingerie explores the nuances between desire and decadence, temptation and compulsion It seduces you into rousing hidden urges and embracing passion without compromise." Well that's what it says on the website!

Perhaps you might like to have a look at the website here or the Kickstarter site here. She talks about it herself and how it was motivated by her search for sensual lingerie for the fuller figure and inspired by her growing love of fetish and Kinbaku in a rather lovely video here.

I hope you might find it interesting and even pass it on to other friends who may like it.

It has made me think though about the role of lingerie in bdsm, kink and fetish. Women - do you like to dress up for your partner? Can it give you a feeling of power or submission? Can it just make you feel positive because you have made the effort to look attractive, sexy or seductive? And men - do you like your woman dressed seductively for you, whether as dominant or submissive?

(I have to admit that I rather like the look of women dressed as dominatrices even though I have no desire to be dominated. Perhaps it is because I like strong women. I must enjoy the challenge!)


Jz said...

That's a gorgeous bra!
(she says, blithely ignoring all your questions...)

Pygar said...

I'm so pleased you like it Jz.

Now I know what to get you for your birthday!


P xx

PS Mumbling under breath sadly and pensively,
"bloody subs, always ignoring me...
... now where's my cane gone?"

His slut said...

I love the bra! Good luck to your friend.

Pygar said...

Thank you His slut


P xx

Dani said...

Obsessed with the bra! Lovely woman, best of luck to her on her endeavours!

To answer your questions, I do enjoy dressing up for my partner and have worn pretty lingere most of my life. I think it relates back to being a princess at heart and I feel sexier when I look good. I'm a sub but think if your going to be on your knees why not look amazing while you're down there? I find I wear a wide variety for the mood I'm in, or he's in, or the mood I secretly want him in. I tend to like edgy, rocker chick up to the line of desperate old lady ;) So maybe there is some power in that? I sell fine lingere and find I make most in bonus when women walk in and say "I want your boobs!" Or men walk in and want their women to look like me. I spend a good portion of my day flashing my bra and panties. Its also feeds my exhibitionist side! Subliminal marketing,absolutely! Power again? Most likely.

Pygar, I believe I went off track, did all that answer your questions?


Pygar said...

I am pleased you like the bra so much Dani. This is solving all my birthday present quandaries!


"I spend a good portion of my day flashing my bra and panties." It's not like that in the lingerie shops I have been in. I must visit yours one day Dani. It sounds fun!


P xxxx

Dani said...

I don't flash men Pygar! Only women who "want my boobs!" You're welcome to visit, no peep show for you however my friend ;)

A birthday you say???
Why do I not know this little fact about you?

Pygar said...


"No peep show" for me then.


I thought you might have an equal opportunities policy?

No, the birthday reference was that I know what you would like to receive!

P xx

Pygar said...

I've just had a look at the Pique Lingerie kickstarter page. It seems she now has 125 backers and raised nearly half the target. There are only eighteen days to go and if the target isn't reached then none of the money gets taken. I noticed that for a certain pledge you get a bra at half price if the target is reached. So if any readers fancy a bargain - give it a try! (My pledge was for something else!)

P xx