Tuesday, 15 May 2012

face slapping again - 2

The previous post about face slapping was written some weeks ago when we were in the early days of our relationship.

I am finding I am using it more rarely now. Perhaps it has become less necessary. Sometimes a stroke of the cheek with the anticipation of what else might be possible is enough - or just a gentle tap as a reminder.

Or could it be also that as we get closer emotionally I find it a harder thing to do?


mouse said...

Sometimes our play involved face slapping. Daddy (Omega) kinda stopped doing that a long time ago...he didn't feel it was needed anymore. Honestly, mouse never gave it much thought...

There was once he slapped mouse in public, but showed great contrition and never did it again (no matter how badly she gets on his LAST nerve -- He will wait until we get home to correct it).

Butterfly Flip said...

Face slapping is something I'm genuinely fearful of. It's a huge grey area for me, something I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get over.
It's a good job there are many other ways to get one's attention when needed :D

Pygar said...

Thank you mostly mouse for sharing your own experience.

I hope though that I would not use face slapping in anger or when cross. Any slaps from me are done lovingly and accompanied by a caress or kiss.

Good luck.

P xx

Pygar said...

If you are genuinely fearful of face slapping Butterfly Flip then it may not be for you - or only if introduced gradually by someone who you trust and who cares for you.

Thank you for sharing your fearfulness.