Wednesday, 9 May 2012

face slapping again - 1

I wrote of face slapping here.

I wrote of my reticence in doing this. That it was such a powerful act with many ramifications. One had to be certain to get it right - especially on a first meeting.

However recently, the first time we played, I slapped her face. Then again. Again and again. With each slap her desire grew. The power of it took her over and helped her get into that space of true submission and control she was craving.

I sensed it was right. It was. I would not have done it if I had not been sure. The first slap was perhaps tentative. However from the reaction I knew it worked for her.

I know other subs where I would not have dreamed of doing it. There is something so powerful about it that when it works and it is used appropriately it can be very special. However if you get it wrong - then watch out!

To be continued ...


dancingbarez said...

I have not yet experienced this but would like to very much...maybe one day I will work up the nerve to request it.

Anonymous said...

While I've not slapped my Pet's face, I have pinched his cheek and tweaked his whisker. I've wondered about face slapping.

I know what you mean about wanting to get something right the first time. I've felt that too.

I've also had the experiences of stumbling upon something new or a new way of doing something I've done before that yields amazing results and then wonder if I'll be able to replicate it.

Feels unbelievable when you get it just right.

Anonymous said...

I have tried slapping before. Not on my Kitten, but on someone else. It really did put her in a space where she obeyed and was ok with anything that I did to her. Very nice post by the way.

Anonymous said...

I've only ever been slapped in anger. You are right, it is a powerful, powerful thing. Touching someones face without permission is a social taboo because it is such an intimate act, and done without the permission makes it humiliating as well.

I can however, see it fueling my own desire, for just those reasons you mentioned, the control implicit in the action (the ever delightful because He/She can) sending me further into that submissive state.

As you said about your subs, (there are some you wouldn't dream of doing this to) it is the same with me. I think my positive response to slapping would be contingent on who was doing the slapping.

add biting to the mix and you have one of my favorite fantasies :)

Elder said...

On rare occasions I have slapped melinda's face during play. However a face is very delicate so I am not comfortable with it. I do like to giver her a "tick" on the bridge of her nose with my index finger. Mostly in a playful way, but sometimes to get the point across.

Not the same but we both love hair grabbing and pulling.

Pygar said...

I hope if you wish for it dancingbarex that you do get to experience it - but with someone you trust and who cares for you and understands your needs.

Thanks SubRosaNoMore. Your description of the experience of getting it right is very interesting. As you imply though - it is the ability to replicate it that is so important.

Thanks too Kitten's Master. I'm pleased you have found similar responses.

I am sorry themonkeysjourney that you have been slapped in anger. I do not think that is excusable. It is interesting you compare the taboo with stroking the face. You are so right that it is an intimate act and I am sure my submissive woman finds a frisson when I touch her cheek, wondering whether it will turn into a caress or a slap or perhaps both.

I think it is good Elder to be cautious about face slapping.

I may come back to your advocacy of hair pulling soon!

Thank you all for the fascinating comments

P xx