Monday 4 November 2013

on writing things down

I have always found that writing something down can help clarify one's thoughts immensely. I was reminded of that again recently after receiving a couple of emails from A. She was writing for advice from Uncle Agony. She wrote,

I have always been a very submissive woman in almost every aspect of my life. I need help, more accurately advice, on how to approach the subject of trying a D/s relationship with my husband. He knows of my enjoying D/s erotica, books and blogs but I'm very nervous in out right asking for it. In the beginning of our relationship a few years ago I brought it up, even as far as asking him to come up with some scenes to play out. Still hasn't happened. Any advice Sir would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Sir

I was thinking through possible advice and formulating an appropriate response. As I knew from other contacts it was a situation that many women find themselves in. However, before I managed to type a word I received another email from A. You can read it here,

I know I just emailed you for advice but I did it. Just thinking it through and contacting you for advice gave me the courage and words to speak with my husband about adding a D/s aspect to our relationship. He was open minded and willing to try. This style of life/relationship is completely new to him and he is going to do research and even attend a local munch to find some mentors. I know our small personal struggles and victories have no impact on your life Sir but you've helped so much with just giving myself an outlet.
Thank you, A

It was wonderful to receive such thanks when I had not done anything. I am pleased though that writing to me helped her to conceptualise the issues and make her course of action clearer.

So if you have a problem then perhaps just write an email about it. You may not need to send it - the answer may become clear and spur you into doing something about it.


DelFonte said...

Thanks for sharing this. It reminds me why I blog in the first place. Perhaps A would benefit from blogging too. Writing does give us the courage to articulate our needs.

Pygar said...

Yes, I too have found that writing helps on so many levels. I had a blog where I wrote about a separate, stressful and often emotional part of my life. I found it very therapeutic. I have also used other blogs to write about times that I have been under stress or experiencing difficulties and anxieties.

I have always found it helpful to write my thoughts down and to try to express my feelings. Expressing my feelings is something I often find hard. Perhaps it is a male thing!

It did not matter whether any read it or not - but finding that I had lots of readers and that my words awakened thoughts and feelings in others was also very gratifying.

I am sure there are many who blog in this way and gain much from it.

Thanks DelFonte for your comment.

P xx