Sunday, 2 August 2009

Goodbye for now

Forgive me - this is a sudden decision. I need to reflect and refocus.

I am going to cease my main blog activity for a while.

There will be no more posts or comments by Pygar or Beau for the time being. I have a post ready for the Uncle Agony site that I will post soon. After that I may copy any new emails to there but without my comments.

I had thought of closing the sites completely. I did that a few years ago on another blog of mine that was popular then. I had a huge reaction from upset readers. So this time I will leave the blogs open for others to continue to read or comment on. It is just that I will be taking no part for the time being.

I do apologise to all my readers. This has become a popular blog that continues to grow in its readership - and I know that is in part because of the very articulate and knowledgeable contributions in the comments. Thank you all. Thank you for your involvement, your patience and your kindness.

I apologise to friends. I am not far away but I may be a bit quieter for a while.

Again - thank you all


Pygar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx