Tuesday, 20 July 2010

pleading prettily

I was reminded about this today through an online conversation with a sub friend. It is a phrase I have used occasionally with subs in an almost a joking way. Though I have had some difficulty I must admit in getting previous subs of mine to plead as prettily as I would wish. Either I have far too high standards or have had subs of an inferior quality! (That is intended as a joke. I am still fond of all of the women who have submitted to me and they have my genuine respect.)

I can imagine some Doms not liking pleas from their subs. Perhaps it could seem to some like whining. (I certainly do not like that.) Others may see it as topping from the bottom. However I want to know the needs and desires of my sub. If she has in mind something she would enjoy and wants to try to persuade me then it could be that I may find I enjoy it too.

Also if the pleading becomes very persuasive in delightfully sensual and erotic ways then why should I complain? I have always said that submission should be active rather than passive.

So my dear subs ... you now know how to get round me - as long as you plead prettily enough!

Friday, 9 July 2010

love and affection

I have just posted a new query on Uncle Agony. If you have any thoughts please do add a comment there.

It got me thinking about the emotional intensity of D/s relationships. In my own experience even online relationships can become very intense very quickly.

Rather than Doms having no feelings for their subs and an inability to love as has been suggested there, I find the opposite. There is something so very special about the act of submission. There is a great power in that precious gift such that I then feel a need to nurture and care for the sub who has given herself to me so fully. It is a huge responsibility and surely cannot be carried out properly without affection, care, trust, respect ... and yes, love.

I cannot imagine not feeling some love for a woman who gave herself to me so totally.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


Thank you to all those who commented on the post below and to those who wrote to me. I will add a response very soon.

But hay!!! I'm sixty!!!!!!!!!!!


Lets look forward positively.

So I guess for now I am not retiring and not making any major life changing decisions just yet. Though I guess if not "retired" I am at least "resting" - having no close sub friend to play with just at the moment. Though when I do perhaps I will reverse the normal birthday etiquette and give her sixty birthday spanks rather than the other way around. I am imagining the delightful eroticism of the occasion as I speak just in case there were any volunteers ...


Oh well!

Lots more here soon.