Tuesday, 28 February 2012


She says she likes my strength; that she needs someone strong to control her; that nobody has been strong enough before.

Where does this strength come from?

She is a strong, controlling, powerful, imaginative and creative woman. How could I possibly be strong enough to subdue her?

It comes from her. I am using her own strength. Is it in judo where a fighter uses the power of their opponent against them? It is a bit like that perhaps but not in the physical sense - instead in a psychological and emotional way.

I have written often that a good submissive needs to be strong. I like strong women. Perhaps I would not be strong enough to control a weak one - at least I know I would not gain the same satisfaction from it.

She is controlling, but she wants to be controlled. She is strong but she wants to be subdued. She is powerful but she wants to be powerless. She is bad and she wants to be good. She is good and she wants to be bad.

I use her own desires. She wants it to work. She wants to be a bad girl. She wants to be my good girl. She has such strong desires. She is eager to please. She is eager for me to use her as a slut and develop that side of her. So I use her strength and her desire. She does not want to submit but she desires in her depths to submit to me.

She thinks of herself as a controlling, domineering bitch. But she is now my controlling, domineering bitch.


She is my submissive woman.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

the guilty Dom

A sub friend wrote recently in an email about a Dom who she met occasionally. He had guilt feelings about what they did together. There was something inside him that felt guilty about hurting her. He told her that he felt bad in doing something to her that deep down 'cannot be good for her'.

But then he showed little affection at the end of play. Was his guilt so strong that he could not show her kindness and affection? Surely that is part of the end of a session that a sub needs so that it does not become abuse.

I wonder if other Doms have had such pangs of guilt, feeling that deep down it must be harmful to the sub? Or have any subs recognised it in Doms they have played with?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

New blog post ...

I had a really good blog post worked out in my head in bed last night as I was drifting off to sleep. I worked on it in my mind and got the wording carefully right.

Then I nodded off to sleep.

I woke in the night and realised I was losing the preciseness of the wording. I thought it through again until it was right and I knew I would remember it correctly.

This morning?

It has gone.

It was a really good post though. No - really it was. I can remember that. I promise.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine Greetings

Wishing all my readers a very happy Valentine's Day.

If you have someone special then do something different and exciting for them today. Have fun!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

more brattishness

I recently wrote a post here about brats. It gained a number of interesting comments from different perspectives. So thank you to Sky, Janeway, nancy, jennie bear, Anonymous, doug's fuck toy, Naga-bot and Mistress L for taking the time to write in response. I was away for a while and did not have time to join in with the responses so I'll add just a little more here.

There were few who wished to be regarded as "brats". Like Janesway I too am old enough to remember when it was accompanied by the word "spoled". In that situation it does rather give the impression of someone acting the princess and perhaps deserving a hard spanking! I guess that is why some do it. They are perhaps trying to goad their Master into giving them the spanking. For me in that context it just doesn't fit with the kind of relationship I would want to create. I would sooner encourage my sub to plead nicely for a spanking if she desired it so much. if she pleaded prettily enough then how could I refuse?

As nancy wrote "Bratty just doesn't seem a submissive trait." A couple of comments even suggest it shows a lack of submission and even trust.

In fact Doug's fuck toy describes how when being bratty in the earlier stage of their relationship it was her "cute" way of showing she hadn't yet developed that natural trust. In time though they have got through that.

Mistress L like me felt that it could be seen as topping from the bottom and would head in the opposite direction!

I suppose though we should not take it all too seriously. As Naga-bot writes, "When I brat, it's because I'm in a playful mood and I want my Daddy to also feel that way, too. "

Yes - it is important to have fun!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Thank you

Thank you to all the well-wishers who commented so kindly on my last post. I appreciate it.

For those of you who are eager to read some more salacious detail I am publishing a series of pieces over the next week on Beau's blog. The first is here.