Thursday, 26 September 2019

public demonstration of bdsm relationship

A public demonstration of a BDSM relationship might be as little as wearing a collar or other symbol in public. Though recently I have seen a number of women wearing collars when I have not been sure whether it was worn as a fashion item rather than as a true demonstration of a BDSM commitment or lifestyle.

An example sprang up recently when I was in Germany. This was at the main large railway station in Leipzig. There was a shopping mall as part of the station facilities. This included a nice bookshop with a pleasant coffee shop. We had some time to spend at the railway station and had spent a little while in one cafe so moved on to the coffee shop in the bookshop. It was very pleasant and we had some very nice coffee and cake. While we were sitting there I notice three young women in the corner. They were perhaps late teens or early twenties. They were dressed in a goth style. I noticed at first that one of them, a young woman with long red hair, was wearing a collar. A little later I realised that there was a lead attached to the collar, held by her friend who looked a little more butch with shorter black hair. Another woman with long dark hair looked on. They were there for some time just drinking their coffees as we were. Being in the corner they were not very noticeable and nobody seemed to pay them much attention. I wondered when they left whether the short haired woman would lead her friend out with the chain attached.

She did!


This was a very public, very vanilla space. These young people did nothing other than dress as they wished and made a slight statement through one leading out the other attached by a chain. They made no big deal of it.

So why am I?

Well, I was wondering I suppose whether this was a genuine BDSM relationship, perhaps poly. Or rather was it just a fashion statement? Some young people enjoying dressing up and being different in a way that might have been seen to be slightly edgy.

It doesn't matter really which it was. Though it made me wonder if they were happy to do this - should we not all be happy to do much the same?

I have led Inès by a chain in public in a club space, but not in public in a vanilla setting. If these young people are happy to do it then why not me?

Have you displayed BDSM trappings in a vanilla environment? Would you?

If not - then why not?

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

while I was away...

Sorry not to have posted for a while. It has been SO hectic since I got back from my time in Germany. (More of that soon!)

I found some of my Blogger visitor stats interesting today. Given that it is such a long time since I posted, recent posts are less likely to be neat the top of visited posts. So other posts that have attracted visors will have been via Google (mostly) and other search engines. These are the most popular posts as found in the last week by search engines:

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I wonder if readers find these particular posts interesting - or have any idea why search engines do?