Wednesday, 12 May 2010

fakes ...

I occasionally visit the CollarMe.Com site. I'm not sure why as I've mostly found it to be a complete waste of time but it can become strangely addictive. It is notorious for having lots of scams on it and also as being a bit of a "meat market". I know of some who have been hurt by people met there but of others who made real friendships. I have made one or two friends through it in the past.

At the weekend I had far too much time on my hands and found myself responding to profiles. I exchanged a few messages with one sub who was far too young and beautiful to really be interested in me.

Finally I received the following message:
"Hiya. Its a fake profile to attract idiots and scammers. Doing it for a giggle an getting loads of 'KNEEL BITCH U R MINE!!!' messages... You sound sensible so sorry, please ignore the profile X I have been active in the scene for nine years, know the ropes in and out and am a pro domme. Take care.X"

C'est la vie I suppose!

I wonder what experience readers have had of this and similar contact sites?