Wednesday, 29 May 2013

the variety of different D/s gender relationships

Early in the history of this blog I wrote a post about my use of language. It explained why I refer on here to dominants as "he" and submissives as "she". You can read that post here.

I do, however, intend and hope that my posts will be relevant to a variety of relationships with male, female or transsexual dominants and submissives. I am aware though that my own direct experience is very much from the male dom/female sub perspective.

It is therefore always interesting when I get, for instance, comments from female dominants and male submissives and from those in same sex relationships.

Recently I had a comment from sub in training.(You can read it here.) I wondered whether his comment was specific to male subs. That in turn made me wonder whether I was being very naive and narrow in not exploring more deeply the variety of experience in M/f, F/m, F/f and M/m relationships. How much may be common to us all and how much is specific to different types of relationship? Is there a common core? Might there be much to explore and learn from others in very different roles and relationships?

My apologies to any who feel my posts have not been inclusive of their own circumstances. Please feel free to tell me if and when that is not the case. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

a sense of humour

I think a sense of humour is important in all parts of our life.That includes D/s and BDSM play. Yes - I know one has to take it seriously, that is important. However there is a danger in taking anything too seriously - especially oneself. I fear that some can take themselves far too seriously in this world in a way that can lead to pomposity.

My woman has a habit of giggling at inappropriate moments. That is okay, I just spank her a little harder. That has on occasions resulted in yet more giggles. However I am very patient and spank just a little harder still. It is fun discovering how hard I need to spank to turn the giggles into yelps.

Such fun.

Do you like to have fun like this - or should it all be more serious?