Saturday, 4 April 2020

100 days of solitude

One of my favourite authors is Gabriel García Márquez. and my favourite novels of his are Love in the Time of Cholera and 100 Years of Solitude. They are both titles that lend themselves to our current situation.

I hope we don't have 100 years of solitude! Even 100 days will be bad if it comes to that.

I wonder how submissives and dominants are managing if they are necessarily separated. How successfully can a D/s relationship survive at a distance?

Clearly it is very different from a real time D/s or relationship with face to face (or other bodily parts!) personal contact. However many do have virtual or long distance relationships.

Some years ago I had a number of very successful and fulfilling online D/s and BDSM relationships. They were very real and very meaningful for me and I believe for my partners. Much of the communication was by email and messaging rather than by videoing. It was amazing how powerful this could be.

If you are trying to maintain a BDSM relationship at a distance, I hope it is working well for you. Who knows it may get even more intense through the effort in making new protocols work.

Good luck.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Love in the time of Coronavirus 2...

I haven't done any blog browsing in ages. Then this morning I clicked at random at a couple of links. I found myself on Oatmeal Girls' blog Submission and Metaphore.

It seems her Demon Muse is having "a hard time staying away" from her. So she was told to "send him a little sex" that evening. You can see the result on her blog here.

I hope it gave him pleasure. It did me - and I hope you too.

I wonder if you too are having a hard time being away from your partner at this time and how you may be resolving it?