Tuesday, 16 April 2019

blogging and age profile...

Looking at some other blogs recently I started to wonder about age profile of blog writers and blog readers.

Blogging was once THE THING. We were the trendy new innovators. We were ahead of the game, writing and publishing our own stuff on the internet and getting responses.

However change has not just got faster, the pace of change has got faster. It is an acceleration. Social media has become so diverse. I won't even begin to list the options. But on some of those you cannot post certain BDSM content. Tumblr has just closed down lots of sites. Facebook profiles with nipples, even if they are national art galleries, get closed down.

Younger people use other options more. I don't know much about some of them. Twitter can be good though I tend to use it for BDSM and vanilla purposes mostly for publicity. However for many people Twitter and Facebook may be their main news gathering sites.

The point is though - are we bloggers mostly of a certain age? Are younger people posting shorter, pithier and perhaps more interesting things with fewer words elsewhere? It is good to be able to write at length. However, perhaps we would make contact with more people, and a greater range of people, if we used fewer words on different types of sites.

So are there any younger readers of this site and younger bloggers out there?

Any of you under 30?

Under 40...?

Under 50...?????

And NO, I'm not telling you how old I am either!


Saturday, 6 April 2019

beating as a therapeutic tool

I read a post on a message board yesterday relating to an event I had been hoping to get to.

A woman wrote that she had been going through a very difficult and stressful time emotionally over a period of months. She was looking for some seriously hard play with a variety of  implements to help release some emotion. She said she was strong and did not need aftercare but that her ability to give aftercare to the Dom would be limited.

I wrote to her, not to offer my services, but to advise caution. I probably shouldn't have. I don't know her and it is none of my business. There were a few public responses from male Doms whose profiles expressed a sadistic streak offering to help out. There were also a few from female subs and switches offering empathetic and supportive comments.

Was I right to be at all concerned? I also wondered if the aftercare that she was rejecting might be the most important part. I worried about the motives too of the Doms who were offering to 'help'.

I know from the blogs of some submissives, including some readers of this blog, that others have found a beating can help their mood when they are in a negative frame of mind. I guess it is the power of the endorphins released.  I wonder if they would recommend it in such circumstances or whether they too might express caution?

(Sadly I didn't manage to get to the event. So I do not know if the beating took place or how it worked out.)