Wednesday, 25 July 2018

TOO busy

It is official - I'm too busy.

Too busy and I don't like it.

I now have unread emails going back for a month. If I owe you a reply - please forgive me.

More importantly, personal life suffers and relationships can be strained.

It is important to take time for relationships. It is important to take time to talk, to take time to relax together, to take time to have fun together, to take time for kink, to take time for sex, to take time to investigate (and instigate!) new and exciting things you would like to do together and new adventures you would like to have.

It is important.

Is it just me? Life seems to have got like that now.

How is it impacting you? How do you survive? How do you prioritise?

Having prioritised - how do you make it happen?

I know, I'll write an email.

     "Dear Uncle Agony, Please can you help me with an urgent question..."