Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Berlin again...

I'm back from a great weekend in Berlin to a cold house! My central heating boiler has broken down. Fortunately it looks as if I can have a new one fitted before Christmas which is good as the firm I use close down on Friday until the New Year. The heating engineer is working on it as I write.

I was so cold when I got back yesterday and slept very poorly because the bed was so cold. Yes I know there are other ways to keep warm in bed but Inès is still in Berlin and there was nobody else available! I should have written on here immediately for volunteers!!!

I am fortunate that I have some wood burning stoves but they don't heat the water so I will be very smelly soon.

There was an international munch in Berlin on Friday evening that I thought we might get to. We went last year and met some really interesting people. However by the time I arrived and got settled and we'd had our first gluhwein and something to eat it was rather late to head across town. So we didn't make it this year. There are always lots of BDSM events in Berlin and places for debauched fun. Anonymous mentioned the KitKat club in a comment to an earlier post. This year though we didn't get to any of them. We mostly had lots of vanilla fun visiting the Christmas markets and soaking up the Berlin atmosphere.

We did meet up with Heidi of Pique Lingerie again. No - not for play, just to chat and hang out. She introduced us to a great cafe restaurant that we would never have found on our own and had lots of fun catching up and chatting and drinking tea and eating some lovely food. All very vanilla but great fun. Thank you Heidi. Though next time we have a possible photo-shoot planned with some very imaginative ideas. So watch this space.

I may not post again before Christmas so I would like to wish all my readers the very best wishes for the festive season and a very happy and peaceful New Year. Thank you especially to those of you who have taken the time to comment and join in our discussions during the year. May all the most salacious and depraved of your wishes come true - and may Father Christmas bring you the sex toy of your dreams... !


P xxxx

Monday, 11 December 2017


Inès is on a train somewhere in Germany. She set off from the North of England very early this morning by train and if all goes well should arrive in Hamburg late tonight. I got a text early this afternoon to say she was travelling through Liège in Belgium.

I was so pleased as I was worried she might not even get as far as London. We have had snow and freezing temperatures in the last few days and English trains don't seem to like the cold - leading to frequent cancellations during inclement weather. There is a famous occasion when trains were cancelled in autumn ('fall' for our American cousins) because of "leaves on the line".

It is great though to travel by train. You have some idea of the distance you are travelling rather than when flying - which is just 'magic'.

Inès was bemoaning the fact she was stuck in a train seat for so long. It is good for her to be restrained and controlled like that. It makes her stop and reflect. I should tie her up more. I think I may message a friend in Berlin to see if she can arrange some restraint and control for Inès when she arrives there. I am sure the friend will have contacts!

I'm planning to meet up with Inès in Berlin at the end of the week for the Christmas markets and festive fun. Some fetish fun would be good too. We'll have to see!

Do you or your partner need that too - to be made to stop for a while from your mad, manic life, to pause and reflect? Is bondage and domination the perfect answer???

Monday, 4 December 2017

rubber and latex...

I'm not a fan of rubber and latex as a sensory feel, unlike leather or silk, it doesn't have the same sensory appeal to me. However I do like the look it gives of someone totally encased in a way that can be very flattering to their body. (Though the models of course tend to all have very attractive bodies in the first place!) To me the restriction and encasement has a direct link with bondage and bdsm.

I came across Reflective Desire via Twitter, I think. There is lots of free stuff but if you find you like it then of course do feel free to support them. (I have no affiliate link.) The free videos on there may provide an interesting introduction.

Are there different textures, fabrics, sensations that turn you on? Heavy leather, delicate silks? Can fabric or clothing turn you on? Even what has become street wear with high heels, tight skirts and dresses, might almost mirror the effect. So what fabric or clothing turns you on? Both to wear and to see.