Wednesday, 29 May 2019

masturbation 2

I mentioned in a comment to the previous post that by chance the day after I published about masturbation Girl on the Net did so too. On her blog she wrote that it is masturbation month and gave 10 fantasies to inspire us! You can read them all here.

So what kind of erotic fantasies help you in this endeavour? If you are sub do you have submissive fantasies? If Dom then dominant fantasies? Or might you sometimes switch when you are fantasising? Do Doms fantasise of being subs and vice versa? Do you fantasise about BDSM at all - or do you prefer vanilla fantasies? I wonder if people's fantasies may be more extreme than they would ever wish for in reality? Do you have recurring fantasies or a favourite that really turns you on?

Or perhaps, rather than self-created fantasies, you are aroused more easily by created erotica. In which case do videos, photographs, the written word or something else work best or you?

Or perhaps less is more. Anonymous in a comment that stimulate this series of posts was aroused by this blog with its discussions of BDSM relationships and sexuality. Can more subtle triggers help make you aroused?

In particular I am wondering which those in the BDSM scene are most turned on by - thoughts of vanilla sex or BDSM activity.

Do tell...

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

masturbation 1

It has taken me a while to write this post. I had the ideas in draft for ages but the detail drifted from my mind. So I hope it makes sense. The original comment was here.

The commenter ("Anonymous" of course!) wrote, "A confession: I have masturbated to your blog. A lot. More than I dare admit." They went on, "Please keep reading" as if  worried that the initial "confession" would stop me wanting to read further, as if it had no worth.

I admit I was surprised. I had not thought of my blog as one that someone would fine arousing enough to masturbate to. It is not a blog that sets out to be arousing. However it may be for some who are not part of this world, to read people discussing it and to be able to imagine oneself part of it might be arousing. As well as surprised I surprisingly found myself happy that someone had found intimate physical pleasure from the writing here. Though I am sure it will have been the writing of my commenters that was most arousing!

However, my initial thought was about shame in admitting to masturbating. I was sad about the tone of the commenter. Why is it still a shameful activity? In the UK the word "wanker" (which refers to masturbation, most often of men) is still used regularly as a term of abuse.

Meanwhile magazines and the web is full of adverts and features on the best vibrators and dildos. Possession of a vibrator for a woman no longer something to hide but, amongst younger women in particular, becoming the norm.

Masturbation is a pleasurable activity that does harm to nobody unless done to excess. So how do we rid ourselves of shame in regard to it?

Do you admit openly that you masturbate?