Wednesday, 27 May 2009

youth versus experience

In a comment to my last post about Gor, Selkie wondered what happened to the middle aged women of Gor as all the women there seemed to be young, nubile slaves. It got me thinking again about how the supposed ideals of female beauty automatically seem to include youth. I know that men are often attracted to younger women and I cannot totally deny this in myself. Of course I can find young women attractive. However for me the ideal of female beauty is certainly not a very young woman. A chubby faced youngster cannot be beautiful as she has not the character on her face that is drawn by a few lines and creases. For me there needs to be that character for true beauty - so in this, older women can truly have the advantage. Perhaps one should search too for wisdom in a woman as well as physical beauty. Experience certainly helps to provide that.

This can apply the other way around. A couple of women have recently mentioned to me how attractive they find a particular young, male singer who is tall, dark and handsome and has a very fit and toned body. Of course I am not jealous (much!!!!) as I am sure they both also appreciate the lines of character and experience on my own face (written more in hope than expectation!)

So whilst any offers to me of a nubile, young Gorean slave would certainly not be turned away (if only!) I could be even more happy to accept an offer of a beautiful, middle aged slave!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


When I was much, much younger I used to read science fiction novels occasionally. By chance I came across the novels of John Norman on the library shelves. Though many libraries have now removed them as some people found them offensive. They described the world of Gor where most women are slaves to their Gorean Masters. I enjoyed this element of the books though wished they had been slightly more explicit.

Gor was an imaginary planet many light years away but there are many today who try to live their lives according to Gorean principles. There are even some Gorean communities.

I find some of the Gorean ideas interesting and have used some at times. However for me living my life according to the dictates of a series of novels would feel much too limiting. I hate being bound by a series of rules - it is what makes me a Dom rather than a sub I suppose.

I am not trying to criticise those who do organise their lives in such a way. Part of me is jealous. I would love my own beautiful Gorean slave girl! But for me the is something just a bit too "Treckie"about the whole thing.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Thank You

Thank you to all who have now linked to Uncle Agony - and especially to those who have added such helpful comments there.

Now if any of you have a problem ...

... you know what to do!

Monday, 11 May 2009

The progress of Uncle Agony

Thank you to those of you who recommended that I start the Uncle Agony blog. It seems to have started off quite well.

Thank you especially to my friend Dragonfly who recommended it to readers of her Sisters in Submission blog here.

Two other blogging friends have linked to it. They are Bette Noir and Daddy's cutesypah. If any others have done so that I have missed - please let me know. I would be grateful though for more links from other blogging friends to hep increase its readership.

There are quite a number of letters of advice that have been published now with responses. A new one was published yesterday and another will be published later in the week.

The purpose of the blog was that those asking from advice would receive advice from a number of people. It was because I knew that I was not a font of wisdom that I thought of it - so that those who were troubled could benefit from a range of advice. So please, please if you visit Uncle Agony then feel free to comment. I can understand reluctance. It is difficult to set oneself up as having the right answer. I think we know that often there is no right answer - but support and good wishes from others in the community can often be so helpful. So do try to comment on the posts as you pass by.

Thank you.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

not such a kind Dom ...

I want to beat her.

I'm not feeling angry or cross. I don't want to take out any frustrations on anyone.


I just want to see her bottom wriggle and her legs kick as it starts to get harder for her.

I want to take her close to that point where given a choice between saying "please hit me harder" and "please stop" she is almost ready to plead, "please stop." Perhaps I will take her right up to that point.

Then I will stroke and caress her bottom and kiss it gently.

I will take her in my arms and hold her tight and hug her close.

I will look into her sparkling eyes and bask in her beautiful smile.