Thursday, 30 March 2017

revisiting "Primal"

While I am busy I thought you might like some reading. Earlier this year I wrote a post on primal play. It attracted some interesting comments and discussion. I was surprised to note that it became just about the most read of recent posts. So perhaps you may be interested in reading a blog post I came across recently. You can find it here. It perhaps extends the notion of primal play into the broader realm of sexual activity.

It would be great to hear what some of you think of the post.

Friday, 24 March 2017


... that I've not been around much.

Moving house next week - amongst all the other chaos.

More soon...


P xxxx

Friday, 3 March 2017

energy and motivation

I usually try to post on a Thursday. No reason for that I suppose other than to give some order and expectation to my posting and a routine perhaps helps me in some tasks. Though I hate being disciplined by routine - or anything!

I didn't get round to posting yesterday. I was busy - but I am often busy and make time to post on this blog as a priority. This week I didn't - or not in time for my self-imposed deadline. It doesn't matter, the world won't come to an end. But...

Well, could it be an indication of not coping, or lethargy or something more? It got me thinking about larger things. I'm often under stress in my personal life from a variety of causes and now is no exception. There have been times in the past when I haven't coped and that has had some serious consequences.

We all go through bouts of feeling down or even serious depression and/or anxiety. For some submissives BDSM can help them through such periods. It can keep them on track, maintain their focus and become a solid point for an anchor. I wonder though if for some it becomes difficult to maintain their submissive role. It is hard work. it requires strength to be a good submissive. So what when the submissive no longer feels strong and lacks the energy to submit with the alacrity she used to? And for the Dom too - how does he maintain that dominance when he is feeling tired and drained? I wonder then what the effect is on their submissive when they appear less dominant, take less charge, make fewer demands.

Have you been there in any of those situations? How did you cope? Did it affect your relationship? How did you help each other get out of it? Was BDSM a support and help - or something that got in the way of solving the underlying problems?