Tuesday, 20 January 2009

my tears

I shed a tear today. I was watching the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.

I hope he may turn into a great man. The world needs one just now.


Moi said...

I read your tears post yesterday, after finding your link on Selkie's blog (another new read for me).

I thought to come back and comment that I don't cry when I'm in pain, but tears fall freely when I'm overwhelmed by strong emotion- love, hope, beauty, wonder, strong release in sex.

And...today I've been crying non-stop over the energy that this country is feeling with the inauguration of Obama. It's so amazing and wonderful to feel the aliveness that this man is a symbol for. I feel a rebirth and renewal, even in the midst of great challenge.

It's fun to see you had a few tears yourself.

Nice blog...will be back more for a more in depth read of your archives. Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I've written a posting for tomorrow on the inauguration. There was an overwhelming sense when wathing it of history being made...and of the incredible expectations of this man, not only in America but globally too.

Extremely powerful and moving.

love and hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

I did too. It was an amazing thing to watch. I envy those that were there and got to feel the energy in person. Although, even watching from my living room, I could feel it. My 3rd grader came home from school, and talked about it for hours. Usually only new video games grab his attention like this excitement did today.

I have high hopes for our new president, and patience to wait and watch as he gets our country going back in the right direction.

An historical day indeed...


Anonymous said...

A day can only be considered historic in the hindsight of history. America will be what americans make it and there President is more a relection of that than the leader of it.

I too have great hope for this President and the american people but in the hindsight of history I rembember it was those same people by and large that put Bush in for two terms and at the height of the military muscle flexing gave him an 80% job approval.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure this is the right forum....but....

Never in my life has one man seemed to hold the hopes of so many people. Barak Obama is human, he will make errors, make bad choices, make enemies. He’s bound to, we all do. It’s interesting to see how people are reaching for him, though. Today he became the 44th president of the United States. I wish him well but alas, I don’t hold him in any high regard.

I suppose that it’s important that he’s black. It seems this indicates (at least to many) that the United States will be more inclusive. I’m not sure how this is so. I would like a few months to pass before I decide whether I will consider him a evangelical orator with a clear vision of how to lead without force, of how to be an instrument of change or whether he is just another politician that’s working very hard to earn a huge salary. He’s got four years to show us what he means by change. I hope he means social responsibility, fiscal care and a limiting of aggressive military interference.

It’s quite likely that he will simply be another American president, although he will always be the first African-American one. For the most part the past presidents have displayed the same understanding of the cultural variations of the world that make television sit-coms so mind numbing. I’m hoping this incredibly bright, seemingly forward thinking man makes the effort to solve the pressing issues of the day while he has time.

Issues like universal health care, homelessness, education and global warming. Issues like developing peace in the world instead of policing ideologies and arming nations with questionable ethics.

It’s where I’m pinning MY hopes, anyway. Add me to the collective hopes of the 2.5 million who came to see his inauguration in person and the millions around the world who watched as he promises to lead, not crush the world.

Let’s hope change is really on its way.

Tristan said...

ha...I was logged in as the pet....I hope she approves
the verification word is even "ansub"

I love the world....

Anonymous said...

Looks like I've been sleep-posting!

Pygar said...

I an sure pet that your dear Master Tristan was merely trying to save you the trouble of writing when he submitted his very thoughtful comments!

Thank you too to everyone else for your thoughts.


Pygar said...

PS You can read Gillette's post about the Inauguration - and a few tears - here.

Pygar said...

PPS You can read M:e's post about it here.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh,in my opinion he is already a great man. I live in Denmark and we shed tears too