Tuesday, 14 September 2010


I am very aware that my links list is out of date - there are many that are no longer active. Whereas there are other people who comment regularly on here and yet more who link to me who I have not linked to. I would like to link back to friends.

I will try to rectify this soon. So do let me know if you would like a link from me. To help does anyone know of a simple Blogger gadget I can use which will identify blogs that link here? Or any other suggestions?!?!


Carlie said...

Hi Pygar

I read and post and link regularly and would love it if you stopped by and had a look at sexandchocolatecake.blogspot.com

Oh and if you find the widget, please let me know as I would like one too!


David said...


Use the Yahoo search

David said...

The problem is that many blogs have each post be a separate page and so each page will be listed. I ran my blog and came up with over 5200 links.

Just a Taste - google search "who links to me widget" and take your pick of the one that sounds best for you.

Carlie said...

Thanks! Will do. Am a bit of a technophobe...

Sunshine said...

Sorry, I'm not sure of the best method. I link to you, my blog is



Pygar said...

Thank you JaT and Emilie. I have added links to your blogs.

Thank you too David. That seems to be the best of the sites I have found. I too have tried the widgets you have suggested to JaT but am not sure there is one to my taste! I am sure there used to be one or perhaps I have misremembered.

I have also decided to include the followers widget which I have avoided doing so far as I have been for some reason prejudiced against it but cannot explain why!!!!

Now to get down to copying all the other blogs who link here! *sighs* A bloggers work is never done.

David said...

You are most welcome. I too have avoided the followers widget, perhaps because it seems like chest puffing, and it shows some but not all, I don't know either. That list of people shows in your profile and I have not felt the need to "advertise" my followers, perhaps I do them an injustice?

There is also a way in Google Reader, Explore, View all Recommendations, Search and then put in your blog url or any you are curious about, and it will tell you how many people follow you in Reader (you currently have an even 100), but does not list them.

Too many ways to spend time, life is getting shorter and I need to focus, LOL.

David said...

oops, Blogger dashboard, not in your profile, sorry

Pygar said...

A hundred followers in Google Reader you say David?!

*puffs out chest and walks around with more of a swagger*


nilla said...

i have you linked at my blog Sir, as i find your remarks always of interest.

my blog is primarily erotica, but there is some real life woven into it. i write to cope with the overwhelming vanilla of my r/l, and through that media found not one, but two Doms which i serve happily.


Pygar said...

Thank you nilla

I had found your link and have already linked back to you. Thank you very much.

I do enjoy erotica so will have a closer look at your blog.

If you are serving two Doms then I think you have a very strong antidote to your vanilla r/l!!!

Good luck

nilla said...

Thank You, Sir.

i hope you find something to suit your tastes, and i am *always* open to suggestions...in fact, i love suggestions.

And yes, Sir, my suddenly enriched "chocolate" life definitely is a cure for the vanilla blues!


Pygar said...

Always open to suggestions dear nilla? I think you are teasing me!

Do enjoy your enriched chocolate life. Interestingly another online friend put as the title on an online ad "Vanilla With Chocolate Sprinkles"!

Unknown said...

*LOL* seems like a lot of ppl refer to TTWD as chocolate! I too ahve said that I have gone from Vanilla to Chocolate Fudge :P