Monday, 13 December 2010

A submissive's say ...

"We do have a say in what happens to us."

Yes Jz you do and should have. Subs understand this I think better than many Doms. Subs who don't understand this are putting themselves in danger.

Do read Jz's recent post. She has written much of what I have been stumbling to say over recent months and years. You can find it here.

I think a good summary is contained in her words here:

"Genuine, sustainable submission comes from deep within and is based on faith and trust."

I hope that is what I have been trying to argue here.


Jen said...

This might seem like a weird drop in a weirder bucket....BUT...

Afterall, there is a difference between a sub and a doormat.

We (as subs) choose to submit, its not done out of a wonton (I know I spelled that wrong) for another fixture in our lives.

Just my opinion

Pygar said...

Thanks Jen - the distinction between a sub and a doormat is one all subs should hold on tightly to.


Suzanne said...

A sub with no say whatsoever might make for good porn and fantasy. However, it makes for a terrible life.