Tuesday, 17 April 2012

on top ...

Being "on top" is a symbol of domination. The word "Top" has even come to mean a dominant in a bdsm or D/s context. My submissive woman likes me on top when we are having sex. She likes to feel the full weight of me on her.

Yes - of course there is a power and a control in being on top when having sex. I enjoy it. However I also like being underneath.

I enjoy laying there and having her do all the work. To suck me hard then climb on top and pierce herself on me. I like to watch her face as she loses control of her body as orgasm approaches and asks permission to come. I like her working herself on me, pleasuring me as she changes angle and pace. Then I may stop her, make her suck me again before once more climbing on top to work hard at pleasuring me.

Recently she complained that she was getting tired. Of course I admonished her for her laziness and encouraged her to further efforts as I rested beneath her, enjoying the fruits of her labours.

Do other Doms not enjoy making their subs go on top and do most of the hard work while they rest and delight in the sensations? I think too that subs who want their Doms on top are just expecting them to do all the hard work! Perhaps it is time for a change.

Though I do at the end enjoy finishing on top - if only to make a point!


Anonymous said...

Dear Pygar,

There is of course in truth about energy one has to put in to in this case top from the bottom ;-)
I do like to ride and being on top. However there are times, after being used, that I need to dig deep to find the energy. I nevertheless do with all my love, but I honestly think it is usually not my best performance. I only hope He doesn't notice. But when he turns me around and takes over....... that is actual the best ending for me. (yes, selfishly submissive to enjoy the power and strength).

love ara

Loki Taviel said...

I am normally on top of Master during sex, but that is because neither of us are as much of a fan as him being on top. He also likes to have his hands more free to work on other things during sex.

We very much agree with the plan of having me suck Master's cock, then hopping on top of him. It's our normal plan. At no point is he less in control, and he's able to do much more to me while he's underneath me.

Anonymous said...

I am useless on top. I don't have the energy or the physical strength. I can only go a few seconds before my thighs start to ache worse than if I was working out, and I find no pleasure in it from that angle either, so I do my best to avoid it.

Pygar said...

Thank you ara.

Yes the idea of a different interpretation of "topping from the bottom" occurred to me too!

I am sure your Master will understand if you are not at your most energetic after having been just used!

I think it is good as you say to be able to enjoy both.

P xx

Pygar said...

Like your Master kitten - I too like to have my hands free to roam and use my sub in delightful ways. I'm pleased you agree he is in no less control in that position.

Thank you

P xx

Pygar said...

Oh t1cklish. I am surprised at your admission that you are useless on top!!!

I think you may need to practice regularly to build up your stamina!!!!!

I hope your Master isn't reading that you try to avoid it if he likes it!


P xx

Anonymous said...

My job is physically exhausting, I'm catching every cold that's going around, any more physical duress and I'll lose my job and be homeless, so resting and not stressing and straining myself on my days off is kind of important or I won't survive the year.

Pygar said...

That sounds like a pretty good excuse t1cklish! I'm sure you are forgiven!!!!!

P xx

David said...

Being a Top is very much a frame of mind thing, and being on top is a fluid and changeable thing. A girls body is so much more accessible and open and available when she is riding on top.

I am very much in agreement with you Pygar.

Anonymous said...

Ain't nobody top Rondell. Mama hoppin' on top for a ride and strappin' in!

Pygar said...

I'm pleased you agree David. Great Doms think alike!

- P

Pygar said...

You sound to be having great fun Rondell!!!!

P xx