Monday, 10 December 2012

a final post on tears

I hadn't planned to write any more about this. However I just wanted to discuss the really interesting comments that were made to my last post, "what makes you cry?"

First - many thanks to themonkeysjourney, Collared Cassaundra, nbsHisprecious slave. Monica, Jen, LizLeia, and  original_me, They have written very personal accounts of what makes them cry that are very distinct. Each is fascinating in its own way. (Though girl with red nipples is receiving regular spankings for her comment. "Mushy Dom" indeed!!! Well - she is just receiving regular spankings anyway! Such fun.)

It was interesting to read how the ability to shed tears could change over time - or how different types of tears might be shed at different parts of one's life.

Such a variety of things caused tears - overwhelming feelings, gratitude, vulnerability, the hardness of life, the past, sadness and happiness, pain, internal conflict, movies and other media, love, failure, fear, trauma, gratitude, cruelty to and the suffering of others and animals, failing others, incomprehension, inability to deal with emotions, loss and grief, praise and affection, stories and so much more

Some talked of shedding tears for others rather than for themselves.

Crying could be satisfying, cathartic, with feelings of release and exhaustion  There was even the possibility of addiction to tears

Though for another crying invoked feelings of a mixture of "failure and fear" 

Trust in a Master often provided the safety of a good relationship in which tears could be shed.

One though talked very honestly of using crying as a manipulative tool. The aim was to get something rather than to express something. I wonder how many others may have used tears in this way and whether it can then almost become unconscious in its use.

It was of course all far more complicated than this - so please do try to read through the originals if you have time. Many are very moving.


Just some guy in flyover country said...

It was an interesting question with equally interesting replies. I enjoyed reading your post as well as the responses. Thanks.

Unknown said...

I have a blog about this

Princess x

Anonymous said...

I heard you might like this, really funny!!

Unknown said...

I agree with "some guy" was an interesting question....answering it made me thing about myself. BD always says that I love to overanalyze everything in the world absolutely to death...except myself. When the thought of analyzing myself comes up, I generally find something better to do. LOL! But that question made me do just that, and it was a kind of release just to answer the question. Thanks for posting it, and for taking the time to address the answers.

Pygar said...

Thank you too some guy and Collared Cassaundra. Thanks also to C who posted here.