Tuesday, 15 January 2013



Why do we do this?

Why do I like spanking her, caning her, tying her, pinching her?


Why does she like me spanking her, caning her, tying her, pinching her?


Why do you do it?



Unknown said...

As a sub i do it because i like feeling that power shift that sense of being owned. Outside of my D/s relationship, being a Aries which is a fire sign, i'm a dominant person and i want/have to control everything. So having someone taming me and keeping me in line i love it.

Plus D/s relationships in my opinion has lots of trust, communication and at the end of the day i know my Dom will love and care for me no matter what. I'm not just a regular girl to him....i'm a prized possession.

Anonymous said...

I do it because it makes me feel complete. Its like the center of me is calm again. When I shove the submissive part down and ignore it, I'm like a storm inside. Nothing settles, everything is chaotic. Granted its not always easy to submit and serve. Even through the hard times, the center of me feels right when I embrace being a submissive.

Monica said...

As were are just in the beginnings of exploring our D/s relationship within the confines of our marriage, there are a few things I notice right off...... I like being HIS. I revel in the pleasure it gives him to be "cared for" in whatever way he deems appropriate. He commands my dress, when he is home, and my behavior in the bedroom and it has ignited the MAN in him. I realized recently, that all the women in his life have been allowed to emasculate him, including his mother. As a Scorpio, this goes against his very nature but he stuffs it as they often do, boiling under the surface. I am encouraging him to release the "beast" so to speak and it has improved his demeanor and opened a well of sensuality and emotion I had no idea existed. I am allowing him to be The Man he is, with no fear of judgement or ridicule or backlash. For me personally, it is just who I am. I am a Sag, and hard to hold down and control, so the struggle to "lay down" and be submissive goes against everything in my nature..... I need his dominance to quiet my wild mind and personality.... he is the tether to my "flag in the wind". His control quiets my spirit and gives me direction and in the end, has helped the whole house (kids included). I had a troubled childhood with a distant father..... I know The Man cares for me because he cares enough to beat me when I need it, and when I want it. He's not afraid to tell me what is best for me...... I trust him like I have no other in my life.

Anonymous said...

It is great to feel this affinity with you other respondents: I too, Hisprecious Slave, know that my Dom will love and care for me no matter what, and that I am his 'prized possession' ( - I, too, am a control-freak Aries in my 'outside' life)... Like you, Laws Desire, my answer to the 'Why?' question is, 'it makes me feel complete'. Like you, Monica, 'I like being HIS'. I need his dominance, and 'trust him like I have no other in my life'.

I belong to Pygar.

I have never before submitted to anyone. He owns me. He tells me what to do. My role is to please him. To do exactly what he wants. To be used for his pleasure.

I so want to make him happy.


Pygar said...

"I so want to make him happy."

You do S. Truly you do.

Thank you

P xxxx

Pygar said...

You are a good girl, S.

P xx

PS However, I shall probably spank you soon - because I want to and because it does you good.


Pygar said...

Thank you also Hisprecious slave, Laws Desire and Monica. I am sure there are many other subs who like S feel empathy with what you have written.

P xx

nbs said...

Great question, KD.
Why do I like the pain and ask for it and keep on coming back for more?

It makes me feel whole , centered and secure.
It makes me feel loved and cared for, loved.
It gives my considerable energy a distinct focus.. Sir and pleasing Him.
I love the pain Sir gives me.. very much.

I have never been happier and more confident. I know a great deal of that comes from this extraordinary relationship we explore together.

I cannot speak for him.. and I do not claim to know what makes him tick. I hope some dominants will write here.

Pygar said...

Thank you nbs.

You say that you hope some dominants may write here.

Any takers?

It would be great to hear that perspective as well.

- P