Thursday, 23 January 2014

a sore bottom

I am sure that most 'Agony Aunts' mget questions about people having bits that are sore. However Uncle Agony got an email from LL complaining that her bottom was not sore. You can read it here. If you have any suggestions for her please do respond there.

I was wondering though dear subbies. Would you be secretly very pleased if your bottom became numb so that you didn't feel as much pain when being spanked - or like LL, do you want to feel the full effect of every stroke?


Missus Whore said...

Oh, I want all the sensation I can get. Every last little bit of it. My heart would absolutely break if my tush went numb, even a little.

It is, in a sense, about how much I can take, a little bit. If I went numb I could take more, right?

Except, I want to feel it. There is no glory in achieving if I've cheated by not feeling it.

And, I want to feel it. I really, really want to feel lit.

Pygar said...

You sound extremely excited by the very thought of it Missus Whore.

Yes - what a dilemma! You want to take as much as you possibly can and if your bottom went numb you could take more - but you really want to feel it!

I think I am getting excited myself!

Thanks for the comment Missus Whore.

Have fun

P xx

Anonymous said...

If I couldn't feel it, there wouldn't be much point in doing it. If it isn't strenuous, I don't get any release out of it. To me, not to feel is reduces the submission it requires to endure it. Bottom line, no I wouldn't want to go numb and not feel anything.


Anonymous said...

I want to feel every swipe! Having it go numb, as it has done before, isn't great, though my lack of reaction to Sir's slaps gave Him a heads up to pause and then get back to it.
Bites often work…


Pygar said...

Thank you P and Blindfolded with Silk.

So you both want to feel and experience the delicious every stroke? What delightfully masochistic submissives you both are!

Thanks for commenting - and if you know of ways of keeping your bottoms sensitive during a spanking then please offer some advice to LL here on Uncle Agony.

- P xx

little monkey said...

I want to feel it. That is part of the draw.

Pygar said...

Thanks little monkey. So you are another one who really wants to feel the pain!

At least you did start to respond to my previous post about masochism. Where were the others then? LOL

The devilishly suspicious part of me wonders if you all have your bottom go numb during a spanking but don't want your Doms to find out and look for ways of making a spanking more effective!


P xx

Unknown said...

I wouldn't want to go numb, it's the sensation of it that I love. I like it when the endorphins kick in and it all becomes easier, but with that I'm still feeling it all - it's just easier.

Pygar said...

Thank you mc kitten. Another who does not like to go numb!

You raise an interesting point though about enjoying the endorphins kicking in. I guess that is what many subs get out of spanking and why they like it. That endorphin rush can be very special and powerful and even lead to what is often described as "sub-space".

That raises for me two questions.
1. Is the endorphin rush similar to the bottom going numb in that the pain is perhaps no longer there in the same way?
2. For those who are receiving a spanking as a punishment does it cease to be "punishment" when they are enjoying the endorphin rush?

Thanks for stimulating some further questions for me.

P xx

Unknown said...

ooo more questions!

1) no, endorphin rush is not like going numb. The pain is still there, you can still feel all of it, it just becomes less of problem to take, or no problem at all - it's like suddenly becoming a superhero, really rather cool!

I suppose it does lesson a bit - so a 8 is reset to a 6, for example, so you can take more and harder than before.

2) we don't do punishment so I can't answer this one

Pygar said...

Thanks again mc kitten.

One of the main reasons a sub wants to be spanked is because it is a clear demonstration of her submission to the wishes of her Dom. However, I've always imagined that the endorphin rush is another of the main reasons a sub may enjoy a spanking. When that hits in then the response to pain is on a different level. There are those though where spanking is intended purely for punishment and the couple do not want the spanking to be sensual or in any way enjoyable as this will defeat its purpose as a punishment.

P xx

Missus Whore said...

Oh I like answering questions.

To the second, I can't help. Spanking me for punishment would be totally counter-productive. I'm not beat when I'm a bad girl.

To the first, the rush, for me, does not lessen the pain, only increases my sensation. The pain is still pain, it is different, but no easier to tolerate. It's like...

When you scald yourself with hot water. It stings, it burns, it hurts. If you run your scald under lukewarm water (which is what you're supposed to do, likewise if you have a cold burn, you're supposed to run it under cool water.) It does not increase the damage done, and it does not lessen the pain one bit, it just... changes it.

Pygar said...

Oh I have plenty of questions Missus Whore and delight in the expertise of my readers in being able to answer them so interestingly. So thank you for coming back on this.

So you find that the rush doesn't lessen the pain but increases the sensation yet changes it in some way.

I wonder if this is the same for others?

P xx

nbs said...

I surely want to feel every single thing that Sir might do to me...with me!

I have had moments when I was so overloaded with sensation that I did feel a bit "numb" and did wonder what was going on.. but the feeling does return.

Sir does notice if I'm not reacting and he will change things to make sure I react.. which I do.

I'd hate to miss anything.. what a waste of Sir's talents if I didn't notice them!

Pygar said...

Quite nbs. It would be such a waste of Sir's talents if you didn't notice them!

Your Sir sounds to be very conscientious in ensuring that you gain the maximum experience from his efforts. It is good that you appreciate them.

Thanks for sharing

P xx