Thursday, 29 May 2014

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I got diverted a bit by replying to questions from libby and Des. You can read my replies to their questions on Beau's blog here.


Ana said...

Pygar - as a long time lurker, I look forward to your next post. One thing I'd like to ask is are there Doms/Subs who don't like the Master/Slave title/role? For me, there is something very demeaning about the slave title or role, not criticizing those who thrive in it, but I can't imagine it for me.

My exposure comes mostly from stories and porn, both of which are notoriously inaccurate. Still I wonder are there people out there who see a D/S relationship as more than just a Master/Slave? Perhaps it is just titles, but slave to me implies leaving everything behind, including my intellect and desires. Being completely out of control.

Whereas Submissive means I give my control to my Dom - freely and happily, not as a slut (again, apologies to those who like the term, I don't) but as a highly intelligent, educated, skilled woman who wants to give her Dom the greatest gift she can.

Perhaps it is all just terminology?


Pygar said...

I am pleased Ana that you have moved from lurker to contributor. Welcome. You ask the most interesting - and challenging - questions!

For myself I think of my relationships as Dom/sub rather than Master/slave. I did write about Master/slave relationships here a number of years ago so perhaps that topic is ready for revisiting. I find that I also have a draft post that I never finished that also develops these thoughts.

It may, as you suggest, just be terminology, However language is important and using different words can represent real differences in attitude, commitment and behaviour.

I think that your descriptions of the differences between slave and sub are very perceptive and to my mind pretty accurate. It would be interesting to know the views of those who would describe themselves as 'slave' rather than 'sub'.

Thanks for your comment.

P xx

Pygar said...

I have continued this discussion as a post here.

P xx