Sunday, 3 August 2014


Hey - I'm not in Shaghai yet, but I am going to Hamburg for a week. While I'm away any thoughts on the topic of 'fetish'?

BDSM seems inextricably linked with domination and submission. How though does fetish link in to this? Some fetishes - like a foot fetish for instance - seem to have little directly to do with D/s. However feet kissing for instance could be seen as a very submissive act.

Is is sometimes to do with the sensuality of things like leather, latex, rope, chains that are often used in a BDSM scenario?

Is fetish part of your relationship? Is it intrinsically linked to the dominant/submissive or BDSM nature of your relationship or is it totally separate?


tori said...

Would feet kissing not come under the umbrella of foot fetish?

There are many fetishes that my Master and i enjoy, and are an important part of our relationship, some are rituals and therefore are intrinsically linked to our relationship and others are for pleasure.

Pygar said...

Thanks tori.

The title of your blog "Pain's Pleasure" made me wonder whether pain itself could be regarded as a fetish?

Right, enough, must head for the airport!

P xx

magnatek said...

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nbs said...

Fetishes do come in many different forms.
At the moment.. well for about 3 years, Sir has been "Dressing " me in provocative clothes...sheer tops with a layer or two and a bra.. and a skirt with stockings or not.. depends on his mood.
I enjoy being dressed up..but more than that, I enjoy the reaction he show seeing me dressed up... or undressing me!

I once had a dominant who enjoyed giving me shoes with heels that were almost impossible to walk in.. and then watching me walk slowly towards him. That was not so much fun!

As tori said, there are many fetishes. I've experienced some but certainly not all!

Travel safely!