Thursday, 3 November 2016


The internet is not a place known for its kindness. One hears more and more reports about trolling and abuse. In fact I have suffered from it myself on different forums but fortunately not here.

When I set up this blog I expected to have to put up with a certain amount of abuse - if only from those who would regard kindness and domination as being incompatible. There are also those others who feel there is only one true way to be involved in D/s or BDSM or DD or whatever and would take exception to my views. Fortunately I have had none of that.

Instead I have found on this and my previous Beau blog nothing but kindness and friendship. Through those friendships I became involved in other online creative erotic projects such as Dragonfly Geisha. Some friendships turned into deep online and, in one case, real life relationships.

There are kind and supportive networks to be found on the internet that can be a boon to those who feel lost and alone.

I was reminded of that kindness in the response to my previous post. I have heard from readers who recognised the blogger I was referring to in my last post. They too remembered her fondly and wished her well. If she ever reads this post I hope she will know that there are old friends from the internet who remember her fondly wish her well.


Bleue D'âme said...

I went to comment the last post, and I couldn't.
Because that was a tough one.
With you. So much kindness to be found here and I hope she knows there are well-wishers and supporters.

julie said...

I know some others have encountered unpleasant and judgemental people on their blog, but I have not. In the main I have found the kinky blogging community to be supportive and very kind and friendly.

Long may it continue

Pygar said...

Hi Julie, I am pleased that like me you have found the blogging community supportive, kind and friendly.

As you say - long may it continue.

Good luck

P xx

Pygar said...

Thank you Bleue for adding to the kindness.

I hope too that you are finding the kindness that you need.

P xx

willie said...

I too have been very fortunate when it comes to blogging. I have only encountered unintentional(sort of ) unkindness. I have never experienced a troll. On a forum, well that is another story, but by that stage in my life it didn't bother me as it was so over the top and ridiculous I knew it was more about them than me.

Thank you for being here actually. I enjoy having a place to discuss things, like once this forum was for me.


Pygar said...

Yes willie, I think some forums attract Trolls. I am pleased you too have managed to avoid them when blogging.

I'm pleased also that you enjoy discussion on this blog. I like it to be a friendly place.

Thanks willie

P xx

DM said...

You are nothing but kind to me. You have been a rock, a ear and a friend. I count myself blessed to know you :)

Pygar said...

Now look what you've done Dani - you've made me blush.

Thank you and good luck.

P xxxx

SwitchingFun said...

Trolls, witches, vampires, almost every forum has one of them, online and offline. Not sure it's temperament traits or communication traits or simply because we are anonymous to each other that some use it as ticket to leave civility nation behind to enter planet of the apes. ;-)

Yet here seemed you have special retardant to keep those underworld creatures at bay. Well done!

Pygar said...

Thank you SwitchingFun. Though I do not know what special retardant is keeping the trolls at bay!

Perhaps it is partly because I try to treat all sincerely written comments to this blog with respect. It might be that sets a tone which other commenters then adhere to.

Whatever it is - let's hope that it keeps working

P xx