Thursday, 5 January 2017


SwitchingFun posted a very interesting blog post in November about Primal play. Do read it here.

It is very interesting as well as being informative and offering good advice. It is not something I have been involved in but I have noticed others who say they are into Primal play. It looks as if it could be exciting and fun... though it also appears to have potential dangers. I suppose with all BDSM play the important aspect is to be aware of risks so as to minimise them as much as possible.

Although Switching Fun writes that it is not necessarily rough I have got the feeling that for many who like this kind of play it can be very rough. I wonder too if in the excitement and action of this kind of play whether it might be too easy to miss a safe word or for things to get a little out of control. Could it be a place where abusers could operate? There are also others - I am thinking in particular of the profile of a friend on Fetlife - for whom Primal is about extreme experiences and a more care-free approach. Perhaps being abused becomes almost part of that. Maybe the whole point is to no longer feel safe.

Perhaps I am just too cautious!

Have any other readers been involved in this kind of play? Is it what you are into? Is is something you would like to try?


Bleue D'âme said...

Sure, primal play is a place "abusers could operate" but that can be said about any type of kink, any interaction. From my experiences, if you are engaging in this type of play you have negotiated it, you know your partner and it isn't your first day in the dungeon.
There are other ways to make a scene stop than using a word: gestures, having an agreed upon signal beforehand, etc.
I don't see how abuse becomes apart of a thought out, negotiated consensual scene.

For my part: I like the surprise of it. I like that it breaks down my resistance in a right there right now kind of way. And for my Owner? His kink is control. Primal Play fulfills that need because primal play takes a whole lots of it. Its not always chase and caught either, it can be done in a very sensual slow kind of way. Its about using your body/mind to create the fear, to create the feeling of being prey/predator.

Pygar said...

Thank you Bleue D'âme. i wasn't sure if many readers would have experience of Primal play so it is really good to have such a quick and knowledgeable response.

Yes, of course, I do take your point that abusers can operate in any type of kink environment. I was perhaps wrong to suggest that in this particular area given my lack of experience of it. I suppose my additional caution came from the nature of the play which perhaps places risk and pretend abuse as a key element. Though as you say, "if you are engaging in this type of play you have negotiated it, you know your partner and it isn't your first day in the dungeon."

That's great I suppose as a confident player. I wonder though how one can dip ones toe into this? I suppose you don't. When you know you are ready you dive straight in...

As you have already pointed out though, perhaps that applies to all aspects of BDSM.

I love your description of why and how it works for you. The excitement, surprise, breaking of resistance, control, sensuality, creativity, fear...

I am feeling entranced already!

Good luck with it Bleue D'âme. Have fun and i hope we can all learn from you.

P xx

willie said...

We have never engaged in Primal least we have never set out to intentionally do it! *wink*. There have been times however where things have gone 'off script' around here due to true, raw emotions. At first I think my husband was taken aback by our primal moments, but once we talked about it, and eventually laughed about it, it has been very therapeutic.

I can certainly see if some were a 'fly on the wall' that day how they would be concerned or not understand. For me, it was our base emotions coming to the surface. Not once was I afraid, as I trust him. What was invigorating was the complete absence of critical thinking. Both of us were just feeling the moment. The method in which we achieved that might not seem healthy to some, but it was oh so very freeing!


Pygar said...

How fascinating willie. Thank you for sharing your personal experience. Yes it must be great to "go off script" as you describe and have such an intense experience. I suppose it was because of the trust and the soundness of your relationship that made it possible. Though perhaps "going off script" may not be such a positive experience for everyone. There may be some who have regrets where it has not worked out.

I suppose though that the experience you had is what people are seeking through Primal play. Perhaps the essential is to script out beforehand the "going off script" but then perhaps even they do not manage to create the intensity of experience you had because underlying it all there is still a script.

Thanks again

P xx

Pygar said...

Before I write my next post I thought I would add another comment here about primal. It is a quote taken from a friend on Fetlife where she writes in her profile:
I am primal energy -- the desire to remove all barriers to pure expression and raw emotion. I enjoy both the give and the take, the breaking down as well as the building back up. The realization and death of what is old and unneeded, and the rebirth and acceptance of what is truly needed and new.

That sounds very powerful.


SwitchingFun said...

It's said that Primal play is most perfect for the brat and her/his owner. The brat would enjoy to mischieft the owner at the best during the scene, the owner would enjoy to subdue the brat at the fullest.


Pygar said...

Yes - I am sure you are right SwitchingFun that it would work very well for that dynamic. Personally though I am less attracted by "brats" - though would certainly have a strong desire to subdue them!


P xx