Thursday, 9 February 2017


I like rope.

Well - in a certain context!

I like using it on my woman, to wrap her, restrain her, bind her, stretch her, open her.

I like making patterns with rope on her body.

I like the feel of natural hemp rope that I have prepared myself as I run it through my hands before tying her tightly so she too can feel the sensuousness of the rope as it moves across her body before digging into her and enclosing her.

I like the marks it leaves on her body.

I like the way it controls her.

I like her response as her body and mind sink into the sensuality of the experience.

I like photographs and videos where rope has been used in this way as an art form; the beauty of some shibari or kinbaku; the eroticism of performance and the response of the model.

I like taking my own photographs of rope used in this way. There are a few on my Fetlife profile.

Do you like rope? Do you like using it or it being used on you? What do you enjoy about it? Is it the powerlessness if you are tied or the power if you are tying? Do you enjoy the sensuality of it? Is it the physical experience or the mental one that is stronger - or is it a combination of both?

If you have any memorable experiences with rope do feel free to share them with us here...


Tamar said...

I fucking adore the look of intricate ropework, the concept of bondage in general. I love seeing it raised to an art level and I love seeing it used simply as a tool in a top's arsenal to turn a willing bottom into a puddle of blissed out goo. I love everything about rope. Except- I haven't had much experience with it and I found to my dismay that there are some ties I simply cannot do. My dom and I went to a rope class at a nearby dungeon and the teacher was great- she taught the class 3 ties, one arm binding/chest harness, with the arms up, elbows by the head, hands pointing down the back- and as soon as Q (my dom) got the tie started, it was putting pressure on my neck and I got a really bad feeling- pain/hot/a little sick and freaked out a little when he took a little long getting me out of the tie. It was a bad experience and it sucked and Q and I were all out of sorts after but we stuck it out and the next two ties were find, a lovely legbinding tie on a bent leg that I adored when the teacher demonstrated it on me, and a weight bearing hip harness that was fun. But was a little bit of a wake up call- rope can be deceptively dangerous without training and experience.

Pygar said...

Thank you for sharing your experience Tamar - your excitement and love of rope - but also your recognition of it's problems and even dangers. There are serious safety considerations when using rope for bondage and anyone starting out should do some searches to find out about them. So thank you for sharing a personal situation where it was a problem but fortunately caused no harm.

It is great that you have not been put off and still love it. I hope you continue to explore safely and have some wonderful experiences.

P xx

SwitchingFun said...

My Dom loves rope arts so that makes me his willing rope bunny. And excercise bunny too. Frankly I admire his patience, passion, and perfection mindset to make each tie as perfect as it should be while I have lesser in all three. So to make me hold still - while he is doing his rope art - he has to come up with either good story or good topic to share, or a very good bribe to distract me. Hehe.

And since my skin is a bit delicate with fair tone color, he has to complete the rope work fast before the rope start marking or cutting my skin. He calls it a challenge. I call it a lottery. Because afterward I always get more than I bargain for: his satisfaction smile, intimacy, and lots of aftercare.

Pygar said...

The marks left afterwards can be part of the art and soon fade - though if you bruise or your skin abrades easily then that is a different matter. Perhaps different qualities of rope might help - and care not to draw it across the skin.

And yes - the aftercare can be such fun! I am pleased you are enjoying your experiences with rope SwitchingFun.

P xx