Wednesday, 12 April 2017

If a sub really cannot accept coming in her mouth...

Mary has written to Uncle Agony about this here.

She really cannot cope with her Master coming in her mouth and this is beginning to cause serious problems.

Is there a solution?

I know Mary is eager to hear suggestions from readers so please do comment on Uncle Agony.


Pygar said...

Dani has published an inspirational comment on Uncle Agony here. I am sure it will provide Mary with some motivation - but she still needs advice or support on how to get over her difficulties.

Suggestions anyone??

P xx

SugarSack said...

Submitting to someone means sometimes doing things you dont like/enjoy

Pygar said...

Yes you are right SugarSack. But perhaps some things one does not like are much more more difficult to do than others. Subs have limits but also want to please their Doms, especially with things they particularly desire.

I suppose this is close to a limit for Mary but because her Dom desires it she is wanting to try to find ways of getting over her revulsion. She wants to do this thing that she hates in order to please him. Do you have any suggestions of how she might approach it? Or should she just accept the need to do something she hates for him?

P xx

Pygar said...

@SugarSack I remember in your comment on the previous post here you wrote that you don't like it but are trying for your current "daddy". I wonder how that is going and whether your desire to submit to him is helping you get over your dislike of the activity?