Monday, 11 December 2017


Inès is on a train somewhere in Germany. She set off from the North of England very early this morning by train and if all goes well should arrive in Hamburg late tonight. I got a text early this afternoon to say she was travelling through Liège in Belgium.

I was so pleased as I was worried she might not even get as far as London. We have had snow and freezing temperatures in the last few days and English trains don't seem to like the cold - leading to frequent cancellations during inclement weather. There is a famous occasion when trains were cancelled in autumn ('fall' for our American cousins) because of "leaves on the line".

It is great though to travel by train. You have some idea of the distance you are travelling rather than when flying - which is just 'magic'.

Inès was bemoaning the fact she was stuck in a train seat for so long. It is good for her to be restrained and controlled like that. It makes her stop and reflect. I should tie her up more. I think I may message a friend in Berlin to see if she can arrange some restraint and control for Inès when she arrives there. I am sure the friend will have contacts!

I'm planning to meet up with Inès in Berlin at the end of the week for the Christmas markets and festive fun. Some fetish fun would be good too. We'll have to see!

Do you or your partner need that too - to be made to stop for a while from your mad, manic life, to pause and reflect? Is bondage and domination the perfect answer???


Fondles said...

I'm sure Bikss thinks I should stop and put life on pause every now and then, cos I'm always moving, if not physically, at least mentally.

Perhaps I shall share this post with him and get his thoughts on the matter. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

Anonymous said...

Ohh. I wish Mylord would restrain me again soon.
Try the KitKat club in Berlin.

Lix said...

I definitely need to be made to stop and reflect from time to time. Somehow it's hard for me to do this myself, which is why I really appreciate it when someone can do it for me. It does make me feel very vulnerable though to know that I can't always rely on myself to flick the 'stop' switch when I need to and often exceed my limits to the point of physical exhaustion and burn out. It would be good to have a dominant who sees to it that I get enough rest, but still be able to do it myself if I need to. Basically, I'd like to be able to know when to stop and reflect and simply choose to let a dominant help me, as opposed to being dependent on a dominant to stop and relax/reflect. Dependence doesn't sit too well with my inner control freak.

Pygar said...

Thank you Fondles

It is always a success to know I have got people thinking - and I enjoy it too when their thoughts get me thinking too!

I think it is one of the great positives about submission that it can take one away from the increasing busy-ness of life and associated anxieties and racing mind. It can work too for Doms in taking us away from our every day pressures.

Good luck

P xx

Pygar said...

Thank you Anonymous. I hope you can manage to drop some subtle hints to "Mylord" and he finds the time and enthusiasm to tie you up soon.

If not then try the KitKat club in Berlin this weekend and ask for Pygar!!!


Forgive me and thank you for the recommendation. I will look it up.

P xx

Pygar said...

You sound very much like Inès, Lix! She too needs slowing down and restraining yet has a very strong "inner control freak". In fact hers is also often "outer"!

I think I have been far too kind to her recently and may need to assert myself to ensure she has to relax and slow down!

Sometimes too that can be hard for a Dom. It is getting the balance between helping in short periods by providing those windows of escape and providing longer term support. In the longer term I think it is right to help their submissive to develop their own survival skills.

We can all do our best to support one another but it can only be a short term sticking plaster if the core issues are not addressed. I believe D/s can help this though where the Dom insists on the need for looking to long term issues and potential solutions.

There are perhaps different kinds of dependence but we all need to develop inner strength whether submissive or dominant. As I repeat too often and did so to another friend in a message just now - a submissive needs to be strong.

Take strength Lix and good luck.


P xxxx

DM said...

Yes please!

Pygar said...

@ Dani


P xxxx

Lea said...

I'm the one that really needs to stop. I think often but its a different more meaningful and structured type of thought that is purposeful when directed or when I am physically restrained. Sir is very introspective, but often he needs the opposite; to think less and lighten up! Hopefully I provide a good distraction.