Tuesday, 27 March 2018

body modification again

When I wrote about humiliation recently I pointed out that my original post on Humiliation was one of the most visited on the blog. The next most visited, interestingly is about body-modification.

There are quite few quotes and some discussion but the examples given were mostly of piercings and weight control. The most extreme was perhaps the weight loss of a sub who I knew whose Dom had her reduce her weight extremely dramatically.

There seemed general agreement that plastic surgery was a hard limit. I wonder then what readers think of this from a profile on Fetlife,

"I Must Live With the Results of Several Forced Cosmetic "DOLL" Surgeries:
Bondage and whippings, CP, (but not beatings), when deserved, are essential to a Sadistic Master and sub relationship built on trust. Punishment and discipline may be necessary to encourage me to do as I am told, or for his pleasure. But, when trust is abused, so is the submissive. A relationship that leaves one with irreversible cosmetic “DOLL” surgeries utters abuse as well. Since I cannot change what was done to me, I now am a living doll whore.

I have learnt to accept my modified DOLL body and face. I am trying my best to keep it acceptable and that activity, like a job, occupies much of my time, and helps define my life except for my sometimes annoying fake rubber doll BOOBS and permanent RINGS."

Though the sub concerned seems again to have put herself in a very vulnerable position, yet seems to revel in that situation. So there is part of her perhaps who likes being that "doll whore".

She describes what was done to her as abuse - and I think it was. I wonder if there are readers who have had plastic surgery as part of their D/s relationship or other serious body modification - or are a Dom who has required it?

Can this ever be justifiable or is it always abuse?


Jz said...

Taking a deep breath and attempting to step around my rage...

No, I don't think is ever justifiable. That shows an unconscionable degree of disregard/disrespect for the other person.
And I'm going to stop with that because my arms are about to start flapping again and that makes it impossible to type.

Pygar said...

Thank you Jz - I love it when you are roused!


P xx

Lea said...

I don't think it is acceptable.

It brings to mind a question.. When is it okay for the Dominants wishes to overpower the subs wishes? Even in a TPE CNC relationship... I think if and only if there won't be lasting damage, and this is absolutely lasting damage, physical and mental. UGHHHHH.

Pygar said...

Thanks Lea. I am working on the assumption that such actions were consensual at the time. Otherwise it would of course be abuse. There are always lasting effects but I suppose it depends on the level of modification as to whether it is damage. I am sure that there are many in vanilla relationships who may for instance have a tattoo or piercing at the instigation of their partner.

When does this become damage?


Pygar said...

I hope that last comment didn't come over as too challenging of what Lea wrote as I am very sympathetic to her view of the severe damage such things can cause - both physically and emotionally. I suppose I am just trying to tease out the responsibilities of the Dom who may encourage such actions - and also whether there is a line where it becomes unacceptable or potentially abusive.

P xx

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the fetlife account you are talking about? Thx

Jz said...

*arms still waving*

DM said...

You crack me up! Love it!

Pygar said...

to Jz and Dani!

P xx