Wednesday, 25 July 2018

TOO busy

It is official - I'm too busy.

Too busy and I don't like it.

I now have unread emails going back for a month. If I owe you a reply - please forgive me.

More importantly, personal life suffers and relationships can be strained.

It is important to take time for relationships. It is important to take time to talk, to take time to relax together, to take time to have fun together, to take time for kink, to take time for sex, to take time to investigate (and instigate!) new and exciting things you would like to do together and new adventures you would like to have.

It is important.

Is it just me? Life seems to have got like that now.

How is it impacting you? How do you survive? How do you prioritise?

Having prioritised - how do you make it happen?

I know, I'll write an email.

     "Dear Uncle Agony, Please can you help me with an urgent question..."



Pygar said...

I've just noticed it is even four weeks since my last post!

Anyone still out there???

P xx

Jz said...

Still here, glad to see you still there!

Summer doesn't help a blogger, either. All that better weather and extra daylight land you in a place where there's too much more to get done - even including the fun. After all, if we don't go have the fun, how can we write about it later?!?

Just tell us you're gathering adventures, we'll buy it! :-D

Princess said...

I can barely keep up. I don't like feeling rushed and doing things half-asses so I decided yo do some pruning. I had to let some of my digital pursuits go, as only one me, only so many hours in the day.

In addition, I waved fare-thee-well to some of the online occasional-chat buddies I have made. I left some groups, got away from Reddit forums I liked, etc etc.

Nothing is forever; we start, we stop.

Whenever you have time to write and post; we will wander by and read. No concern or worry!

Princess said...

(Sorry about the typos, my attention is divided. Commenting here, doing email over there, listening to YouTube elsewhere!)

Fondles said...

definitely still here. it seems some busy-bug has been going around blogland. I haven't had a lot of time to do go swimming, hang with the church buds or get a massage. i have no time. It's pissing me off. But i've managed to squirrel away enough time with BIKSS to get some kink in, and if not, then just regular sex. Or some minutes of cuddles. There was a time we could do all three in one sitting. And now it's almost the weekend again. More "busy" in the works. Hopefully I'll get some "relax" next week.

Pygar said...

Lovely to find lots of you are still out there - and have replied!

Thank you.


P xx

Pygar said...

Thanks Jz

You are right about the summer and the sunshine - of which we have been getting much more than our fair share recently. One almost feels guilty spending time at the computer when it is so nice outside!

And of course - I am gathering adventures. Honest. No - really. Well....


P xx

Pygar said...

Thanks too Princess. You are so busy in the digital world that I haven't found time for! sadly my pruning has gone so far that I am now regretting what has been cut. Though realistically I do not have time for it all - and , yes, am now enjoying other adventures I suppose.

"my attention is divided. Commenting here, doing email over there, listening to YouTube elsewhere!"

I am so pleased you found time to comment here.


P xx

Pygar said...

Well done Fondles for prioritising and making sure you "got some kink in"! The sex and cuddles are important too as you say.

That is a lesson to all of us.

Do get your massage as well. Many years ago when I was very busy and stressed, but earning enough to afford it, I used to get a massage most weeks. For some reason I suddenly decided to stop. It might be coincidence but it was only a few weeks later that I suffered a major breakdown.

I think touch is very important. So cuddles are really good as mentioned. However receiving a massage is also making time for oneself in a very self indulgent way. I think we all need that kind of looking after ourselves.

Perhaps I should try to book one again.

Good luck - and I hope you get to "relax" next week.

P xx

neriche said...

Agreed - life is full...fuller...bursting at times. That tells me you have many interests, many friends and connections, and roles with loved ones that matter, in addition to a career and hobbies and...alllll the kinky stuff. You are fortunate. At least, that is what I tell myself: all this fullness, this bounty, I am thankful for.

The stuff I am not thankful for, I occasionally have to reassess and let go or at least take a needed break from. And that which languishes under lack of attention, I revisit and re-infuse if it is of value.

It sounds like this blog ebbs and flows for you, and it is ok with me if it often takes a back seat for you. You'll not lose my interest. Based on the lovely comments here (and how I stalk this blog regularly for updates), I think your reader base is a loyal and understanding one. Lucky you!

"Hugs" as you say. :)

Pygar said...

Thank you neriche.


Yes - I have all of those, so you are right, I am fortunate and need to remind myself of that. Though the "roles with loved ones that matter" can take up time in a stressful way. It is good to be able to reflect also on the positive side of that - and that I have lots to be thankful for.

After a difficult weekend I have founds your comment very supportive.

"Lucky you!"

Yes - lucky me.

Thank you again.

P xxxx