Thursday, 15 November 2018

just so you know I am still here...

...well almost!

My parents are quite elderly and my father is very fragile at the moment and experiencing difficulties which are taking up my time and emotional energy. This happens to all of us including, I know, many who comment here.

Priorities don't become an issue - helping and supporting takes over. There is no question. But perhaps there should be.

We all need to look after ourselves to be strong enough to look after another.

So look after yourselves my friends. Be strong.

It can be hard being a "kind Dom" sometimes!

More soon...


Jz said...

I wondered! ;-p

Teasing aside, I've been there, done that, burned the t-shirt. It's draining and can really take a toll on a person but then again, these are our parents. There really is no question, is there?

~Sending positive thoughts and warm wishes~

Pygar said...

Thank you Jz.
Much appreciated.
P xxxx

DM said...

What a coincidence that I said this just yesterday to you my friend!


Pygar said...


Thank you DM

P xxxx

willie said...

I'm sorry. It is awful when the realities if life get in the way of living. I hope despite the difficulties of it all you are able to spend some quality time with you parents still.

Good to hear from you. Take care.


Pygar said...

Thanks Willie

P xxxx

blossom said...

have been there Pygar so know what you are going through....and am going through it again with a family member....take can be difficult at times and yes its important to take care of oneself to cope with times like these.