Monday, 28 October 2019

youth, maturity and freedom

I have finally got round to responding to a very interesting comment by D to my last post. You can read her comment and my response here.

The whole comment was very interesting but my response concentrated her thoughts about the youthfulness of the three women who I discussed. My initial reaction was that I might have been patronising in my attitude. I may or may not have been but it is good to reflect on ones own reactions and learn from them.

My thoughts have now come to reviewing society's attitude towards the actions of younger and older people. D mentioned the notion of "youthful folly" as a way of demeaning the actions of young people. However there is an equivalent attitude to older people in the often used phrase "old enough to know better".

Does this give more freedom for younger people to act out their fantasies in a way that older people cannot? Once one attains a certain level of maturity does this take away an element of freedom that younger people are allowed?

I am fortunate in having a number of younger friends. Their youthfulness and enthusiasm keeps me alive and supports and feeds my own enthusiasms. However, I can remember my own trials and fears as a young person so I do not underestimate the pressures upon them.

Is this balanced though by the restrictions placed on us as we become more "mature"? Old enough to know better! Is one more limited in what one can do publicly as one gets older? Can younger people get away with more?

As a younger person do you appreciate such freedom?

As a more mature person are you jealous of it?

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