Tuesday, 29 January 2008

a strong sub and a kind Dom

On a previous blog two of my earlier posts were about my idea of a strong submissive and a caring Dom. I wrote them a couple of years ago so the words reflected my ideas at that time. I will repeat them here.

submissive women

I like strong women.

A submissive woman should be strong.

When I talk of submissive women I'm not talking of women who just let their men walk all over them because they know no better.

I'm not talking of those who simper and whimper to get their own way pretending they are weak and ineffectual.

I'm not even talking of those who really are weak and ineffectual.

To give yourself in a consensual power exchange to someone you trust to do with what they will requires real strength.

Physical and emotional.

A truly submissive woman is a strong woman.

A very well known submissive blogger wrote the following comment:
i see myself here, of course that doesn't matter, you knew that
It's what He says i am, that matters. But...
By day, i feel i am a strong confident woman.
By night, i am His weak little slut.
How true this is. Thanks for bringing it up.
Told you i'd stop by.
This was the next post:

dominant men

Having already described my idea of a submissive woman I decided I should also give an ideal of the dominant man. Any thoughts are welcome.

A dominant man should be kind and thoughtful.
A Master is not just a man who has ultimate power over a woman to use as he pleases. If this is the case he has huge responsibilities.

He needs to know exactly how far he can take a scene with his slave. He has total responsibility for her safety and pleasure. Her welfare is in his hands. His first thoughts need to be for her rather than himself.

It is the balance of the strong submissive and the caring Master.
A Master must be kind enough to give His slave the confidence and strength to give herself totally into His care and power.

With power comes responsibility.

I think the posts still represent my views.


Anonymous said...

Which, of course, Dearest Pygar, I am truly grateful for...


~A~ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

'A truly submissive woman is a strong woman'...hmmm....I think I might be starting to like this submission thing Pygar...


...Wanna spank me while I'm in the mood? ;-)

Livvy xxx

Pygar said...

The short answer dear Livvy is ...


The long answer is ...




Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

enjoyed this post and had googled "strong submissive" in order to find something about it. Many people do not understand this and I'd wanted very much to point at that having a strong submissive is much more gratifying then having a doormat as a sub. Thanks for the post.