Thursday, 17 June 2010


She had not been caned for two years. Her previous parter had turned out to be a sadistic abuser and had caused her harm. But she wanted to experience being caned again.

I felt honoured that she trusted me as a "real Dom" to administer it. They were her words rather than mine! I would not presume to describe myself in such a way.

I sent her to fetch the cane and started counting slowly. I got to twenty three before she returned with the cane. We spent a couple of hours in a variety of play activities before we came back to the cane. She was a little concerned. She had lost weight over the last couple of years. Less "padding" on her bottom! We played a little with the cane - tapping her playfully as she gave me oral before I laid her on her front on the bed and started again just administering gentle taps with an occasional firmer stroke. Then I told her I would administer 23 strokes to match the count of the time for her to find the cane. After each stroke she would count and ask for a harder stroke or a softer stroke or for me to stop. She asked if she could ask for a stroke that was the same strength and I agreed.

I started with a light stroke. I expected her to ask for a harder stroke to please me. She asked for another the same. Each time she asked for another the same. They were gentle strokes but enough to mark her sensitive bottom. I perhaps increased the strength of the blows a little but not much.

When we got to 23 she did not ask for more. I asked if she would take two more to make it 25 strokes. She was unsure at first then agreed.

I asked if she wanted them quickly together to get them over with or one at a time. She asked me to decide. I gave her two quickly then stroked her bottom, took her into my arms and held her.

But she was eager to get up, to see the marks, to have them photographed!

She seemed thrilled with her achievement. It was a delight to see.

But if there is a next time I will suggest harder strokes or more strokes ...

... or both!


heelchain said...

That sounded really nice. Hopefully she got enough from it to want more later on. It's always nice to have one more thing in the tickle trunk to keep things interesting. I appreciate the description and how it was done and I will keep it in mind in my new relationship.


Jz said...

"But if there is a next time I will suggest harder strokes or more strokes ...

... or both!"

Yep. You're a "real Dom"!

Seriously, though, Good For Her! That took some doing, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

good for her? good for you! You are indeed a kind dom.

Pygar said...

Thank you all. It was a special experience. I recognise as Jz said though - "good for her". I suppose I cannot fully understand what emotions she was feeling at the time. I just tried to be sensitive to the messages she gave out. Isn't that the task of a Dom?

I would like to support her in moving further but sadly that may not be possible.