Monday, 2 August 2010

mutual masturbation

A friend on a bdsm contact site recently removed "mutual masturbation" from her list of fetishes.

When I was talking with a different sub friend recently she talked of how personal it could be. She was talking not of masturbating each other but for each alongside to masturbate together. She described it as such a private act that for each to do it together, sharing it - it became a very personal and intense activity.

I'm not sure I want to masturbate alongside her ... but it made me think what fun it would be to have her masturbate constantly while I played with her. To have her perform that very special, personal act just for me. Of course done insensitively it could be a disaster. But if the dynamic was right ... ?

We may never meet again - but having thought of this then perhaps I should try to ensure we do meet again!


Alice said...

J sometimes has me masturbate while he watches. Occasionally he will comment or suggest things he is going to do to me, most of the time he watches silently. I find it a very humbling, erotic and submissive act and just a tad intimidating. I completely understand your friend's feelings, it is very personal.

Pygar said...

Thank you Alice for sharing your own very personal experience.


lu peata said...

Hello Sir

Master and i have masturbated ourselves, together watching each other which is most enjoyable but like Alice i have done it alone while Master watches me saying nothing, sometimes joining in which i love because i feel vunerable during the times He gets me to do it alone, even though He is in the room with me. i think it is a very erotic act to have the submissive do it in silence , then if asked sharing my thoughts with Him about what i had been thinking of.


Sara The Sex Goddess said...
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Sara The Sex Goddess said...

I agree with the very personal nature of mutual masturbation especially if you're doing it with someone watching. I have once tied a man to a chair and masturbated in front of him which was very erotic and made him cum without touching his penis. I didn't think that was possible until that night.

Pygar said...

Thank you lupeata

Your description is delightfully erotic.


Pygar said...

Thank you too Sara

I doubt if I had a woman tied to a chair she would come just through watching me masturbate - oh the power of a sexually attractive woman!


Suza said...

For me, there is something incredibly arousing about indulging in mutual masturbation. Solo masturbation is such an intimate act to begin with, that to share that with someone else... is very powerful.

To watch the way only a man knows how to tease and please himself in the way he has always done... while watching me do the same... affords delicious pleasure. For both of us - the build, the delay, the slow circling, the frenzied stroking, the gasps, sighs, catches in the throat... aurally and visually such a stimulation.

I don't know how this factors into a Dom/Sub lifestyle... but for me, it is an exquisite way to play... and learn.

Pygar said...

Thank you Suza. Your delightfully erotic description makes me want to try it immediately!

Though sadly there is nobody close at hand to suggest it to.

You are right that it is not especially a D/s activity. It is just that it was mentioned to me by a sub friend.

I suppose the D/s approach would be where a Dom requires his sub to masturbate for him and instructs her on how and controls the pace at which she comes ... if at all.

Perhaps that is a new post. Though I could do with researching it properly first. Any volunteers to help?