Saturday, 2 July 2011


So powerful to feel totally shameless.

Though I wonder how much society can make some feel shame is aspects of their behaviour. A sub friend I know once felt some shame in her promiscuity and also in her submissive desires. I was so pleased with her when she wrote on her blog that our time together had helped her cast aside her feelings of shame.

Can you do that? Be strong and proud and cast aside your shame?

Are you shameless?


Anonymous said...

Working on it. Shameless often has a negative connotation. I think if we are honest about who we are, it's not as much shameless as unapologetic maybe?

Pygar said...

Thanks K. Good luck in your work. :) I hope you achieve it!

I do understand what you mean - that "shameless" has a negative connotation. I guess I am trying to meet that head on. Is it so bad to be shameless? It sounds so much more powerful than "unapologetic".

Thanks for helping get this discussion going.

P xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks -_- yea, I see what you mean, shameless is more powerful, meaningful ..


oatmeal girl said...

I LOVE the word "shameless"! It has this exuberant flavour to it.

I can be very shameless.
My moods are fluid...
Affected by the situation.
Affected by my hormones.

I love the feel of it, though.

little monkey said...

Shamelessness comes and goes...I have used unapologetic in reference to myself, because I am not going to apologize for for my behavior. That isn't changing, but the shamelessness does change, with my mood and situation. Shameless is without shame, being unapologetic about your behavior implies (at least to me) that you sometimes do feel the shame but you believe that it is not an emotion that you are willing to validate, and so you are committed to not allowing it that negative power. For me shame is a feeling, and feelings sometime just are, just happen ...unapologetic is an act of will, a choice I make for myself.

I do enjoy being "shameless" sometimes, it is very freeing (who am I kidding? I enjoy it a lot). I find unapologetic to be very powerful, because it is power I have taken for myself, not that has been imposed or offered by my social conditioning or psychological background.

David said...

I agree that there is a certain negative connotation to shameless. As monkey says I think it trumps unapologetic and is more powerful as you say.

Shameless always reminds me of the Garth Brooks song:

Unknown said...

I'm not really sure what you are asking for here P.
Like you said; "shame is aspects of their behaviour" -don't we all do shameful things at times? And foremostly don't all you Men just love evoking the feeling of shame? ^^

Can I be strong and proud and cast aside my shame?
-Yes I can.
For short amounts of times at least.
Am I shameless? No, not anymore I'm not.

Pygar said...

Thank you again K for your initial comment. I think it has helped me a lot in focussing my original thoughts.

I love too oatmeal girl's recognition of an "exuberant flavour" to shamelessness.

I can feel the power of it growing!

littlemonkey develops these thoughts do well. Thank you for your exploration of the real emotions behind shame and shamelessness. I think you have given us much to think about in relation to this topic.

But thank you David for giving us the song of the post!

I know Sweet girl that you are strong and can cast aside your shame - and hope that you too will feel strong enough to be shameless again one day soon. You ask, don't we all do shameful things? Well I suppose that is at the heart of the question in what we should be shameful of and how we gain the strength to be shameless. I hope as a man I don't love evoking the feeling of shame. In contrast my post was celebrating my pleasure in having helped free a friend from her feelings of shame. Good luck on your journey.

Hugs to you all

P xxxx

Unknown said...

Felt the need to clarify my
"And foremostly don't all you Men just love evoking the feeling of shame? ^^" comment; With Men I meant Dominant Men, specifically in a D/s context -so not shame in an oppressive way, more like in a...well D/s manner *lol*

Jen said...

I was raised in a typical middle-America shame-based religious home, but somewhere along my journey to adulthood, it hit me. NO ONE can make you feel shameful but YOU.

When I first started dancing privately, and 'hustling' for tips from these men I was decieving, it was out of necessity. I was emotionally collapsing. I purposefully chose to do something 'risky' or outside of 'the norm' to make myself feel alive.

And I've never held back.

There are others to feel shameful for me; I'm not gonna let it ruin my good time.

Pygar said...

Thank you Sweet girl.

Thank you also Jen for sharing your personal journey. I guess there is no place for shame when you are dancing for tips if you are going to be able to continue with it for very long and retain your self esteem.

You are truly shameless!!!! :)

P xx

Stacey Guenther said...

Since meeting Master I have become more and more debauched and truly enjoying it to the point that I now consider myself a libertine. Well, paradoxically a moral libertine according to my own standards in that I am monogamously naughty with Master. :) Actually, I was probably already fairly debauched I just didn't make it a reality until meeting him. In addition to finding my sexual freedom in slavery I have also felt more free to be myself in public. I love being true to myself.

nilla said...

i am blatantly shameless!!!

Master freed me. I am proud of who i am, what i am. To be less than that, would demean Him..and what He makes of me...

over and above that? *smiles* i'm basically a happy little slut. Happy to be owned. Happy to be sexually free, happy to be.


Anonymous said...

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PetofSkyMaster said...

My Master makes it easy for me to not feel shame for my submissive behaviors because he understands them. The more shameless I am, the more we both enjoy it.

nbs said...

How interesting.. shameless does sound negative. Unapologetic doesn't sound negative at all.

I don't feel badly about being shameless in the context of ttwd.
In fact, Sir actually likes that shameless quality about me.
Surely I always want to please him.. so shameless I'll be!

Pygar said...

Thank you Sophia Anne, nilla, PetofSkyMaster and nancy. It is a delight to see you all so shameless! However Sophia Anne is also "debauched" and a "libertine" Perhaps one has to be truly shameless to revel in such attributions.

Thank you all

P xx