Thursday, 21 July 2011


Subs - do you wax? Do you like to be smooth for your Master?

Dom's - do you like your sub to be smooth?

Is it an issue for you?

What if it was something that was particularly special. An issue for you. What if it was an issue for you both? What if it was a major issue for one of you one way - but equally so for the other in the opposite direction.

Is it always the Dom's call? How should it be resolved?

star has this as a real problem and has written to Uncle Agony here.

Do let her know what you think.


Velvet said...

I prefer to be waxed and I am lucky that M likes me this way too.

When we first met, M didn't really have a strong preference in this area one way or the other, but now really loves me to be smooth. With Him it was always my mind which was more important, and that being the case, if He had requested me not to wax for a while I would have yielded to His request. Though I would probably have asked if we could try the smoothness some time in the future.

To me the mindset is more important than my appearance down below.

Velvet <3

Anonymous said...

I replied to this question HERE.

I don't wax or shave.
1. I have very sensitive skin. I get a rash if someone looks at me hard. I can only use certain types of products (fragrance free, hypo allergenic all must be tested). I have my soaps and moisturizers made for me.

2. I like pubic hair on men and women. I think it's sexy. To me, adults look odd without pubic hair...sort of like those knock-off plastic barbie dolls.

3. Uncomfortable and problematic when it grows back; expensive to keep up.

4. I don't have stringy pubic hair to get caught in my lover's teeth, which seems to be the chief complaint of those who want a lover to be pubic hair free.

I think, if it is a hard limit, the partners need to discuss it. Sometimes the knowledge, understanding, and discussion of why something is a hard limit will ease concerns and that thing becomes a soft limit. OR The Dom will have better insight and not make the request.


mijena said...

I prefer to be smooth for a number of reasons. First being I just feel cleaner that way and second because I love the feel of a breeze. Let me explain. I dress up for work therefore wear skirts and dresses. When there is a nice breeze or the weather is cool, I love the way it feels.

I am just thankful that it is Sirs preference too, because I have tried to grow my hair back out and can not stand the feeling of it. Tried the landing strip too, but it just doesn't feel as good as being completely smooth.

Anonymous said...

As a sub my first response would be to comply with your D. Just like having children you learn to pick your battles. Is this something you really want to fight for? Only you can answer that question.
As an esthetician I would tell you to compromise. Do a deep bikini waxing and still leave the hair down the center that he wants you to have. This will still give you the ability to wear a bathingsuit comfortably without worry.
Good luck working it out.