Thursday, 17 May 2012

face slapping again - 3

I told her about the last post.

She asked me to slap her. So I did. After caressing her cheeks gently. I slapped firmly. First on the right. Then on the left. Then again a little harder.

She gasped.

I kissed her cheeks softly and stroked them again.

Then ...

"More," she said.

"Please more."


Anonymous said...

Some time has passed since you first wrote of this subject. In that span of time, my own reactions to it have evolved. While I'm still not keen on the idea of being slapped, I am increasingly curious about using it on anther.

I'd left that completely off the list of possibilities because of my own reaction to it. Makes me wonder what else I've left of the "list" because I wouldn't want to experience it myself.

As always, your blog provokes much thought. Thank you.

Pygar said...

Thank you SubRosaNoMore.

If you do try it on another - remember first your own reaction to the possibility. Remember that might also be the reaction of the person you chose to try it with.

If you try it - then perhaps with someone you care for deeply, someone who knows you truly care for them and who trusts you.

Good luck - and do let us know if you decide to try it and how it goes.

P xx