Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I had another very popular blog written under a different name. That was very popular too. It discussed another part of my life that raised considerable personal and social issues.

In the end I stopped it suddenly a couple of years ago. I had found it hard for a while but kept going. Partly I did not want to disappoint a regular and loyal readership but I suppose I also welcomed the affirmation of readers who gained support from it.

Perhaps there are different ways I could could go back to it and continue it.

I have found the "Kind Dom" blog a bit harder to maintain recently. It is difficult to be fresh and come up with new and interesting topics so it has been very gratifying the my "Followers" total continues to grow and have had two readers recently been kind in giving me an "award".

I do want to continue the blog. It helps me to know that there are so many who try to have a thoughtful and ethical approach to D/s and BDSM. It is good also to be able to debate the difficulties and contradictions in that.

Time constraints also weigh heavily. I need to find time to be able to do it as well as talk about it!

In the meantime - do bombard me with questions and issues to get my thought processes going again and to help me rediscover a freshness in these topics. The recent discussion on "control" certainly helped me in that. What are the key issues in D/s for you?


nilla said...

your voice is missed when you are away.i dont have a question just now, am still in that happy afterglow of time with my Master.

just know i check in from time to time...and seeing you here, smile.


Word said...

Glad to see you again. :)

Key issues? Trust, understanding and acceptance. For me these are important factors on both sides of the relationship. They may vary in degree or depth, but they need to be there.

Katastrophe said...

Suggestion: Switches - when one person has both dominant and submissive tendencies and switches roles between Dom/Domme and sub. I am quite curious as to people's opinions and feelings on this.

Love your blog by the way. XD

Matthew said...

Keeping up a blog daily is tough!

Pygar said...

Thanks nilla for missing me when I'm away! I'm afraid I'm off for another short break though so you may have to miss me again for a while.

I agree Word about Trust being a major issue - which I think I have emphasised. Acceptance is an interesting one. I may ask for your help on discussing that one!

Thanks Katastrophe for bringing up switching. I'll try to do a post about that soon. If I forget please do remind me!

Daily Matthew? I find once a week hard at the moment though I used to try to write on here at least a couple of times a week. I did have a photoblog that I tried to update daily but sadly that has fallen by the wayside now too.