Friday, 10 August 2012


In a comment below Word  said that "Trust, understanding and acceptance" were key issues for her. I have written about trust many times I am sure as I agree it is so important. I agree too that understanding is important and like trust it may take some time to grow.

I had not thought though about acceptance.

It is a submissive act I suppose. Or rather than a submissive act, perhaps it is part of the whole nature of submission. Does submission imply acceptance? An acceptance that someone else has control, will make the decisions and do to you whatever he wishes. As such is it just an essential part of submission or is it something else alongside it? Something for a submissive person to strive to achieve?

I can imagine that notion of acceptance being something difficult to strive for but perhaps very worthwhile and fulfilling when achieved.

Do readers have their own experience and knowledge of acceptance? Is it something different from what I have described?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Word meant acceptance in the sense of being accepted. If I feel fully accepted by my partner, it helps me develop that deep trust and work for the deep understanding that I want.

Word said...

Acceptance is the act of being accepted for who you are, regardless of the kinks, hiccups or mindset of the person. It is acceptance of responsibility for the care and feeding of a person, or for being cared for. And it isn't to be confused with "love", because not all D/s relationships are about love.

I know this is a bit vague, but it's late at night and my brain is not firing on all cylinders.

For example, my job is stressful and I am in a position of responsibility. At night, I want to relax and not be in charge. When I stress, I accept that there are rules in place so that I don't burn out. Wolf accepts that there are times he needs to step in as a Dom to make sure I've taken care of myself.

It is part of the relationship cycle that develops trust. It has to come from both sides, not just one.

Pygar said...

Thank you anonymous for suggesting that acceptance could be from the other side - being accepted by one's Dom. I hadn't thought of it this way round. I was about to comment that it would be interesting to hear from Word to see how she had intended it.

As if by magic the comment from Word appeared. Thank you Word.

It seems from what you say that you were meaning acceptance on both senses - and clearly see it as a very powerful act leading to trust.

Thanks again.


The Bastard King of England said...

Wise thoughtd

Pygar said...

Thank you your majesty!


P xx

Word said...

You're welcome Pygar. Thank you for a forum where we can have such discussions.