Thursday, 11 April 2013

the scene ...

We're back from our trip to London. My woman and I have had a great time. It has been good just to have lots of time together to ...

... well I'm sure you don't want to know all about that!

At the weekend we went to an alternative fetish market and also to the "after-party" in the evening. We had great fun and met some very nice people. I wish I'd thought to give out some contact details to some. It is not often that we can get to such events. It has not really been part of my life in the D/s world but my woman and I are interested to explore it further. ( I may write on Beau's blog about what my woman got up to there!)

We were interested though to note the orientation of people there. It seemed as if we were just about the only male Dom / female sub (Mf) couple there. There appeared to be lots of Fm and Ff couples. Why so few Mf couples, we wondered? Adverts we had seen for other events and clubs seemed also to be oriented very much at Fm

Is this typical? Is it just London? Had we just not found the right places to go? Are places that attract Mf couples less friendly and inviting?

I wonder how much others are attracted by scene events or whether, like us until now, you tend to keep your fun between yourselves or with a small group of close friends?


LM said...

Welcome back! nice to hear you had a good time. :)

...i don't know where you are based, but i believe there are events held in Manchester. As yet, i've never been brave enough to attend any myself(), but i am sure you can find more details of events across the country on sites like Fetlife. ;)

Pygar said...


Yes - we are in striking distance of Manchester. It is a long time since I looked but I do remember some events there. I recollect one looked quite scary so we might have to pluck up courage too. You'll have to join us both and we'll hold each others' hands!

P xx

LM said...

haha, yes! i think that was my sentiment about some of them...all chains and ropes and uber-kinky.. eek!
Holding hands (and hiding behind a cushion) sounds like a very good idea... you're on! :)

~L. /(",)\

nbs said...

Welcome back from your wonderful vacation.

Sir & I have not been to any events with other kinky people around. I know Sir would really like us to go out but so far our fun has been limited ( very happily ) to just the two of us.

When I've gone out in the past, there were more M/f couples than others. There are plenty of F/m and F/f couples out there.. it seems to me that here ( USA ) they often go to events specific to their orientation. I think all the places I've gone have been equally inviting.

I'm happy to keep things between us just that ..between us. However, if things work out.. we'll go to an event or so.

Pygar said...

Hi nbs. Thanks for sharing your own experiences.

Yes - I think you are right that there are often events specific to certain communities. There were also few M/m couples at the event I attended. Perhaps this is because they have their own scene events.

I don't think people should feel in any obligation to be part of the events based "scene". On some social sites it can sometimes feel a bit cliquey between those who know each other from events. I think all of us are part of the scene whether or not we attend events.

P xx

sinister_ali said...

Im glad you had fun. Id love to go to lomdon and visit the candy bar.-slave ali

Pygar said...

Thanks slave ali.

I'm sure though that there are lots of places with even better candy bars!

P xx