Sunday, 4 August 2013

who will make it 400?

Some time ago I was celebrating the fact that I had 100 followers - here.

So I am rather amazed that I now have 399. I wonder if I will have 400 by the time I get back from Berlin?

I tell you what - a special gift of 400 spanks is offered to my 400th follower!!!


Unknown said...


Pygar said...



Thank you Bound Emotion.

You must contact me on my return from Berlin to claim your special gift!


P xx

nilla said...

well dang.

I missed by ONE comment? Surely there is a secondary prize. :)


ps...congrats. 400 followers is AWESOME!

Brew said...

check out my blog where I explore what being Muslim and what being a Desi American is like today.

Pygar said...

Thanks nilla - it seems to have got up to 405 already!

I tell you what - if Bound Emotion does not claim her prize then I might consider giving it to another worthy follower!


P xx

Unknown said...

I'm here to claim it :-)

Pygar said...

So you are Bound Emotions! How delightful. Welcome. Now just make yourself comfortable and ...

I have had an email from Bound Emotions so I will let readers know how things go!

I'm so sorry nilla but it looks as if the first prize has been claimed. Perhaps I could offer a second prize but I'm not sure whether second prize should be more spanks or fewer!

P xx