Thursday, 18 December 2014

back from Shanghai

Not had time to discover much of kink in Shanghai though I am sure it exists. There is a group on Fetlife. I haven't mastered the software yet though to get through the new Great Wall of China - of Internet control and censorship.

Since I got home I have exchanged a few online words with some Shanghai kinksters so maybe I will get up to some more fun there soon. I also started a discussion with a Shanghai blogger. Do check out her very interesting blog Consensual Roughness with lots of good discussions. (You can find the discussion section by clicking on Rough House.) I think you might like it ...


Anonymous said...

Dear Pygar,
Just stumbled upon your blog and have been reading over different discussions. Very much enjoying the readings with thought provoking topics, as a submissive I feel it's important to constantly better one self. Learning a lot just from this blog, hope to see more. Currently living in Japan, so travel frequently throughout Asia. Will check out the blog you suggested. Thanks and blessings!

Pygar said...

Thank you Amanda. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Sorry there have been no recent posts.

I'm in Shanghai again at the moment and have met up with the creator of Consensual Roughness. She has many interesting ideas for developing her project further.

If you find yourself in Shanghai do get in touch.

P xx