Wednesday, 17 December 2014

being really scared

Bitch recently commented as anonymous on a previous post scared.

I was interested to reread the previous comments on this post. It was quite fascinating. The notion of fear within the bdsm dynamic could possibly be quite central. I don't want Inès to fear me but by coincidence I found myself a few days ago fantasising about causing fear to a sub.

Bitch also brought into the discussion the issue of being strong but wanting to totally let go into submission.

I may post her question soon on Uncle Agony.


mouse said...

Read it and commented. Thanks for bringing it to mouse's attention. :)

Happy Holidays Sir.


Pygar said...

Thank you mouse - for the interesting comment, for the festive greetings and also for the hugs!


Festive greetings also to you and Beta Master

- P xx

Pygar said...

There are a few more comments there now. Do pop over to read them here.