Thursday, 7 January 2016

a friend from Shanghai

When we were in Shanghai, Inès and I were remarkably fortunate to meet the amazing Quest. Quest is larger than life in lots of ways - an inspirational character. Several projects ensued. For one of them I took some photographs as Beau. You can see the results on Quest's website here. Do let me know if you like them - or those by the other photographer.

Quest's website, Consensual Roughness, is "part education, part experience. At CR we explore the possibilities of a kinky lifestyle, embracing the curious, the simple, and the quirky." She has the challenging aim to "revolutionize the popular perception of sex and sexuality by creating a safe, inclusive space to discuss erotic interests. We break barriers in the bedroom, confronting taboo sexual expression head on, inviting others to share in our open-dialogue."

To this end Quest is looking for writers and artists to contribute to the site. She writes, "Hey guys! I'm looking for writers (and artists, actually) to write for my website. Shoot me an email at"

If you think you might be interested drop her a line and don't forget to say "Hi" to her from Pygar/Beau.

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